Genre: Strategy / Relaxed Building / Puzzle
Developer: GrizzlyGames
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Building anything doesn't coast resources, instead you got limited buildings and need to collect as many points as possible by the best placement. The game is a minimalistic city builder with intuitive gameplay and relaxed atmosphere. The worlds are colorful and your goal is to drop most buildings possible. The game does actually not feature any living islanders, it looks rather like a puzzle game. Some Tetris feeling might come up when you place special shaped buildings next to each others and fit them in, but the game isn't really like Tetris, the concept is new.

Each island offers you different challenges by there different procedural generated landscapes that offer limited space. Some islands are better for farming and wood production, others give you enough room for a city. Each building gives you points when you drop it and depending on influences of other nearby ones you'll get more or less points. There is no late game content or any more to it, so you can only unlock new buildings for a certain amount of time and try to reach a high score by smart placement. The buildings need to be placed very close to each others to give you most amount of points.

When you reach a certain amount of points you get new packs of buildings and in the end of one scenario the next island gets unlocked. But you are free to go on filling the island with more as long as you got enough points for new packs. Some buildings give you minus points if they get placed near certain other ones or one of their own kind, so you need to watch the description while playing.

There is some calm background music and you can also play it in sandbox mode without reaching any score. Your planning will go into maximizing your score and using up all the space you got. The game ends if you got no buildings to place any more and could not unlock the next island.

The graphic is colorful, neat and a minimalistic polygon graphic. The gameplay is very simple and can be entirely played with the mouse. It is a game that your children could also play.

We recommend: If you like casual puzzle games, buy it!