Journey of Life

Genre: Survival / Adventure / Simulation
Developer: Hyperion Studio LLC
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Coop

The terraforming and atmospheric nature sceneries in this game are beautiful, details like textures, shadows, shimmering moving lights in water, water drops running down the screen after diving show the passion for the graphics. But you can also see that there is still work to do, because some water streams and waterfalls are not perfect yet, some distant islands are not terraformed and finished yet and they got a few clipping issues at the ground and in the water. We heard some sounds for running water and diving, but still missed some for wind and walking. The water at the coast should have some waves or spray and under water we were missing corals and seaweed, but the developer told me that they will work on that too. We saw a nice volcano in the distance, but could not reach there. Also this is more a personal first impression, because not everyone might have such expectations. I’d just like to make sure that you know what is awaiting you, because the game surrounding is classified as tropical island in the pacific ocean.

The crafting menu is very intuitive and pretty perfect done. A very nice addition is that you’ll get all nearby materials shown at the inventory window. The game got over 400 items and 15 crafting stations, which means there is a lot of content for the ones that love crafting. The inventory is just too small and a quick slot bar for a few tools to switch them would be an improvement. Would be nice to have at least 4 additional quick slots for tools or weapons and not to be forced to immediately craft an inventory expansion. Please be aware that this game gets developed by very few people and they are already working very hard to fix things. Just to warn you, the game is really very early access.

Would be helpful to have some food, like bananas in a yellow mature state and mushrooms that are eatable without cooking and that people can pick up by hand so that the survivors stand a chance to survive in the beginning till they are able to find the needed items to craft things and to understand how everything works. For now you need a knife to pick most food. If you go a bit exploring before you start crafting fireplaces and tools you die within about a day by starvation, which puts some pressure on you. They should add a tiny bit of food to pick up on the fly. Water needs to be cooked to be drinkable. For the start also a challenge, especially because you need to find it and because ocean water will kill you. Maybe some starter food, like mangos, berries or other juicy fruit should be added as fast food and water source.

They did a wonderful job on the surrounding, I just wished some cliff platforms were easier accessible by small paths leading to them, because there are some lovely building spots to the seaside on top of some rock formations, but you can only reach them by swimming and climbing. By this you’ll have trouble bringing building materials there. I personally thought that the map lacks some more shine and brightness because the Caribbean sun is usually brighter. The light settings can be fixed at the settings, you’ll find the gamma at display. The map just ends without distant terrain. The jungle has no exotic flowers as far as I saw. By things like this you can easily see that the game is still very early access. Also the water could use some teal coloring at least at some bays to look more tropical. I totally enjoyed though that it doesn't get too dark in the night, but I did turn my gamma higher at daytime already, because I had problems to see things in the jungle.

The flat terraformed islands in the distance looked strange, but they are not finished yet with the map. I loved the ambient sounds, but I missed some seagull sounds. Some animals are missing and that makes the game less exciting, but they only removed them to put in the multiplay. There are elephants and lions it seems and fishes too, which are right now not in the game. We saw some lizards and birds. The developers are working on climbing mechanics and some climbing gear, but till now some spots are not reachable. Also a second big island will have a temple to explore. At the moment fall damage doesn’t allow you to respawn, you’ll need to force close the game. But you fortunately do not loose your tools or weapon by dying. Some missing features and content make the gameplay difficult and a bit boring for now, but they did put the game for that reason for half price on sale and for that price it is worth getting it. I still recommend the game, because it got potential and I see that they are regularly updating and improving it. But it is hard to say, when they will be done, with only 3 people probably not too soon, keep that in mind please.

We recommend: If you like survival crafting games and don't mind the very early access, you can buy it on sale now!