Genre: Survival / Strategy / Building
Developer: Noio
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This side scrolling game puts you into the shoes of a king or queen, who starts to build a kingdom. You need to cleave a path through the forest while expanding your influence and building a town. The pixel game plays in a medieval setting and is about conquering land. There are camps to recrute your soldiers, but you need to collect money to build weapons for them and do some farming by building a mill on a water spot to have a constant income for your realm.

You start out with a short tutorial and a few coins next to two npc's and a start point for your town. Step by step you will be able to upgrade your buildings and build new ones. The charming little game seems to be easy in the beginning but it gets very soon a real challenge and you start to really want to win this one. Every decision can be the base for success or your loss. Not too far from you will be portals in the woods and mobs will spawn each night by them. The enemies want to steal your gold, your people, but most of all your crown.

Protect yourself against the growing hordes of mobs. Especially at blood moon they will get stronger and increase their number. Don't be silly and go out at night. Expand and improve your defence. Despite its simplicity the game is getting very difficult after short while. The more often you loose, the more you want to finally succeed. It is not like other building games and can be really hard in the beginning till you understand how it works. Strategies are important and you might want to look up any guides and hints, otherwise it might be a bit frustrating to loose too often.

Probably the negative side is that you are left without any information about how to win this game, till you search in the net. The game will punish every bad decision immediately. Starting all over too often makes it too repetitive. You also need to know that you won't have any control over your recruits and that you should improve your knights by giving them extra money. Basically the game works like some tower defence game, if you loose the defence it is over. If you destroy all portals you win. It's all about your progression and it just makes you addicted to go on.

The graphic is a retro pixel graphic and the music is relaxing and smooth. We warn you, it is hard to win this one. Don't expect a complex game with super much depth, it has a simple game play mechanic, but is still unforgiving. In all honesty, we believe they should have added two game modes to this game, one that allows you to save the game and keep that save even if you die and the hardcore mode it has. It's not only the graphics that is retro at this game, it is also a game that reminds a lot of the first games, when you sat for hours at your Pc to solve some problem. Originally the game was created for mobile phone and called Kingdom. It got renamed to Kingdom: Classic. Kingdom New lands was the expanded version that came out for the computer and has a few new features. We reviewed the Kingdom Classic game, the nicer version is the Kingdom New Lands game.

We recommend: If you like a challenge and don't mind pixel graphics, buy it!