Kingdoms and Castles

Genre: City Simulation / Colonybuilder
Developer: Lion Shield, LLC
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The game is a nice casual game that allows you to build without enemies on creative sandbox mode. You'll get a randomly created map that isn't really big, but reduced to two or three medium islands that look all alike, are flat and got only very few resources. The nice music that you've got at the beginning vanished for me after a while and there were also very few sounds to be heard while playing except you scrolled very close to the people.

The economy does only have very few economy circles and is rather puristic, but the game is still overall fun to play. If you play standard mode you need to avoid fighting till you got a bigger and more protected town. The dragon should be no problem, but the vikings will reduce your number of settlers to a point when you can't build anything up anymore. Reloading the games auto save before the enemy enters your island and when the invasion notice pops up can help to do this. Otherwise you'd never be able to get enough peasants and satisfy their needs and you'll need them to build your protection.

Of course you could play the game also on peaceful, because the Golems are just very strong and crush even your walls, but that gets also a bit boring after short while. There is a random timer on enemy attacks and when they'll be back within ten years. Make sure you got enough wells and fountains to protect your houses and fields from the dragon attacks too and on a long term you'll need firefighters too.

The main downside to this game is that you can't assign any specific number of workers to a certain job, which makes you move jobs as a priority up and down your list and blocks often the jobs that please your citizens wishes, because no one executes those then anymore. This was my biggest problem while playing the game and will not get fixed, because the developers stopped working on the game.

The graphic is very simplified. There is changing weather and seasons, but although the game is quite nice it also gets fast pretty repetitive. There is nothing to explore on the map and the enemies never change. There is no endgame content or long term motivation except to securing your town. The economy isn't very complex, but on the plus side there is no big learning curve to this game. Some people just give up after 5 hours of playing.

We recommend: If you like simple city builder games, you can buy it preferably on sale!