Left 4 Dead 2

Genre: Action / Zombies / Shooter
Developer: Valve
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

With a group of 4 people you can play this Coop horror shooter game. The game has five chapters with 4 to 5 stages. You can play it alone, together with three friends or as cooperative shooter with 3 friends and 4 opponents in the versus mode either in a network or in the net. To not miss out on the reactions of your team mates you have a voice transmission. You can choose between different difficulties in the menu, Coop, Versus, Scavenge or Survival mode. The cooperative play is still among the best and can be played with up to 16 players. But just a fair warning, you will not want to play this game with strangers, there are just too many kids out there that would mess up your game experience.

You are escaping from zombie hordes and start each scenario in a safe room. There is always some small story told that you will need to follow. Pick up ammunition and weapons and then join the turmoil. Your desperate survivors are bashing their way to an evacuation point. Be sure not to hit your own team members, because out there friendly fire is always active. While you struggle through tunnels, forests, swamps, over rooftops and through abandoned buildings you got to start a car or reach a boat, search remains of an infected society, collect loot and medipacks and fulfill other tasks. On your way you might find molotovs and pipe bombs that improve your survival chances along with weapon upgrades and ammo. Seems the game drops those things where it figures out that you usually find it and adapts the amount to your experience. More advanced players won’t find for example that much medikits any more.

The game lists all the kills you made and the use of medikits, how often your medic helped as well as your deaths. The normal infected ones are easily killed with a shotgun or rifle and if they come to close you can kick them away. There are hunters, boomers, smokers, tanks, charger, jockeys, spitter and witches that have different abilities. They all occur at different spots each time, you will not have any of them showing up the same way each time. Also the boss mutants can not be chosen by the opponents. The versus match is challenging too. The undead will come flooding in as if they would be unstoppable and give you the tension to make sure they don’t get you, because they can even detect you through walls and all hell breaks loose if they do. If your team gets too much hurt the waves will calm down a bit to give you the possibility to revive and patch up each others.

The sound is awesome realistic, you’ll notice the boss monsters easily before they show up. With its varied locations, great animations, fitting music, scary atmosphere and lots of thrilling, confusing and hilarious fights this shooter is very entertaining and a masterpiece of its genre. Although the graphic engine is kinda outdated, (the game was released 2009 and the graphics do partly have a bit blurry textures) it still doesn't look bad at all and gives a lot of cinematic atmospheric feel. The game play is good balanced and enormously fun. You need to stay close to each others and fight together as a team. The harder you set the difficulty level the more coordination and strategy and teamwork you’ll need. We advice to rather play a match with your own friends than to search in any public lobby for random people joining.

We recommend: If you like playing shooters with your best friends this one is a must buy.