Life is Feudal

Genre: Survival / Crafting / Open World /Medieval
Developer: Bitbox Ltd.
Gamemode: Multiplayer / Coop

Honestly I am so much up for writing about this game like eating a package of nails. But here you go: You can use a public server or create a private one, your own multi-play one. You will end up in a nordic looking landscape on an island with bears, wolfs, wild pigs and moose. The forest has lots of different trees and by examining them you'll see that they drop branches, bark, seeds and wood to you. Life is Feudal is a multi-play sandbox RPG that allows you to place ready crafted buildings. A bit disappointing because the game calls itself a crafting game, but you can't even change the shape of your house. The construction of anything will require terraforming the earth for hours till everything is flat and at the same level. Doing this without cheating will take forever. This is the negative part of this game, just to mention it right from the start, it can be pretty monotonous and tedious.

The environment fits to the medieval theme and can be called ordinary. You can collect herbs for crafting, stone, wood, metal, fibre and clay. Clay is rather hard to find, so you might want to build nearby it. The survival aspect shows rather in PVP than in the PVE, because you got only a few animals that will attack you and getting rid of hunger and thirst is easy in this game. There are apple trees and berries around that will already provide enough food against starvation. Fighting feels a bit stiff and clumsy in this game.

Your building abilities depend on what you are skilling. Alchemy gives you the possibility to create unique recipes. Mining enables you to dig tunnels and even create your own caves. With clay and sand, wool and leather you will be able to craft some decorations and furniture in your house. With soil and a plough you can run a garden or fields and grow food and other useful plants. You can also add an herbalist's garden so that you don't have to search for herbs forever. There are so many herbs that sorting them and finding combinations gets a pain. Meanwhile they have seasonal weather in this game too ,but the graphics are rather old and not really nice. You can build a town or just live in the woods in a little shelter.

The mechanics of this game are not intuitive and easy accessible, it needs time to get used to them, they are a bit awkward and unhandy. The graphics are not very detailed, rather average and not really beautiful. For example you can do fishing but you will not ever see any fishes in water, it is more like imagining you would do fishing. Latest when you go mining the world looks like minecraft. You will need a while to figure out how things work at all, but you get a few pop ups for help. Unfortunately all buildings are ready done house-plans, so that you can not really decide how to build anything, but I got to admit, that some are looking nice. Most of the buildings have no purpose and are just decoration. The only building you can vary is the castle, because you got some separate walls and towers to build.You can tame animals, but sometimes it doesn't work very well without any reason. Freezing after any action or lagging happens pretty often and you can only relog to fix that. You can also not delete and remove any building if you aren't admin. Nothing despawns ever, so you'll end up dispose some in the woods or throwing it into the lake or having any other dumpster.

You start out by crafting a forge and claiming your land. Then prepare for endless hours of tedious grinding. Crafting this depends on crafting that and before you can do any of it you need to collect stuff and level another skill at first and so on. Admins can set their own skill caps and experience multipliers and they can cheat with digging. That means terraforming gets less pain for them, because they can carry more and they can learn more skills. They can also destroy anything by admin console command.

There are no quests, no levels, no story and no goals to fulfill. You can have some pets that give you food, like chickens that lay eggs, but you will need to feed them. The game is pretty realistic with everything, which can be a bit dry from time to time especially when you watch how much time you'll spend with any work. We can't help but have the impression that the developers were overburdened with the development of this game. It takes forever to find out how things work, although there is a tutorial and then it will annoy you how long it takes to build anything.

The crafting in this game is more like real life work, waiting times and needed resources are intense, even the most basic tools and constructions need extensive forward planning. To accomplish then finally anything is satisfying as long as you got enough people to help, because you can not skill everything yourself. Please don't ever try to play this game alone, because you would be dead by boredom and Life is Feudal lives on teamwork. Objects like an anvil can just decay after a while and get unusable by this. To repair this you need a repair kit and to produce a repair kit you will need a knife and to produce a knife you will need...guess anvil. So you need to build an anvil to repair your anvil. Some concepts would really need to be improved! Updates contain more often only bug fixes than adding any new content.

Finally MMO servers are now up for this game and the Beta servers are available too. You have to create now your own server to play. After 2 years of development and not really changing much at their game they preferred releasing it with some bugs and came instead up with the same game as village building simulator. They just added some NPC's to the same game and sold it another time. I hope no one falls for it, because they just resell the game now with a different concept.

Our recommendation: We would recommend it, if it wasn't that grinding, bugged and if people wouldn't even crash already in the beginning and if some people wouldn't even be able to run it at all. We can forgive a lot, but a game that got released and isn't even in early access anymore should at least run on a good computer without having to contact the support! Every average game gives you an installer for directx or other needed content to run it, not this one, the developers are just too lazy to add it but ask their users to ask at the support. Second we don‘t support it when developers sell a game twice by just changing a bit of the game mechanics and release it then with different genre, but let us pay the basic game they developed for making a city builder too. Forest Village is Life is Feudal just with a few additional NPC's and their tasks. And the reviews about that game were of course not really much better than the ones for Life is Feudal.