Machia Villain

Genre: Simulation / Management / Monsters
Developer: Wild Factor
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game reminds somehow on Oxygen Not Included and Rimworld, but is a spooky version of having a base build. The graphics of the creatures look like the ones in Oxygen not included and some of the gameplay mechanics are similar at Rimworld. You get at the start 3 monsters, which you can choose by dicing and picking the one you like most. To split up tasks you need to take monsters with different abilities and preferably some that eat also different stuff. Your creepy little fellows are going to lure innocent people to your mansion to slaughter and eat them. But at first you'll need to build that villa and put a nice room in front so that people won't suspect the trap.

Step by step you'll get more reputation and will be able to hire more minions. Machia Villian is a horror management simulation that lets you build a nice horror house to attract and murder people. Your objectives are clear and also the rules from the League of Machia Villians, which is watching over you. Unfortunately you won't be able to fully enjoy and take time to build your dream mansion, but need to make sure some victims come by too, to feed your crew. Assigning jobs works as in Rimworld and the needs of your people are also similar. They want food, some nice bedrooms and a good image.

Each monster has different abilities at fighting and you can level those. You can also get equipment for them at a trader but they can not all wear the same items. You can either hire new crew members or just buy one from a trader. The dark sense of humor shows already at the introduction and background story of the game. The advertisement you are going to send out by a nearby mailbox to attract humans to your villa will be the basic strategy to get people coming by, but most important will be the comforting and inviting appeal of the mansion in the front rooms, otherwise they could run off before you can catch them.

You start out with a plot at the outskirts of a village called Villain City. In order to stay a member of the city you need to fulfill the standards of the League of Machiavillain Villains. Don't let any of your victims escape, because the suspicion would rise and some heroes would show up to kill you. Building your mansion will be the most necessary work to do. You'll need a kitchen for cooking, storage rooms, bedrooms, a laboratory to do research and a pleasant decorated room at the entrance. It might still take some patience to figure all out, but there is already some help from the wiki and the game is definitely worth the effort.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about, the screen can be a bit dark at times, the soundtrack gets also quite repetitive. Resources can be easily collected and if you are tired of rebuilding a mansion each time when you start over, you can even use some cheats. The game is hilarious horrible and you'll going to be amused by it. It will take forever to customize your building and research all items, but in the end it works out quite good. If you want to run a moster hotel or just kill your victims very fast is up to you. Most challenging will be the job management because your minions won't really choose to do any job on their list, they will work their way down from first to last listed job and only do the last ones if the first ones are done and when there is no request for doing them any more. It is likely that the developers will still work on this game to improve some things and it is also needed.

We recommend: If you like evil games, you can buy it!