Mad Games Tycoon

Genre: Simulation / Management / Strategy
Developer: Eggcode
Gamemode: Singleplayer

In this game you are a game developer. You start out in a garage with little money and abilities. The country you'll choose at the beginning will give you a different small bonus depending on which one you choose. After collecting some experience you will be able to buy additional rooms. To cover marketing, support and research you'll have to hire soon some more people for your company. While your main goal will be to produce a game you can earn money by taking smaller jobs such as contract work from other companies to pay your employees till you earn enough by your own productions.

In the beginning you can not develop games as you wish, you need to research at first the genres and technical abilities. It can be helpful to develop a game engine to earn money asides. You should also educate your people to improve the quality of your products. Do some advertisement as soon as you start developing a game and get a booth on the games fair if you can afford it. This and the customer support will raise the number of fans. But all this coasts a lot of money that you got to earn before. You will also need to choose for which computer and console you want to develop your game. Remove bugs in time and choose a publisher. As soon as you earned enough you can also buy a bigger building and publish the game yourself by building a server room, a storage room and a factory.

Our product will get rated by game magazines and depending on this our success grows. You will have to take care of licenses, copy protection and dev-kits. Besides this you need to give your employees some toilets, decoration for your offices and a break room with some comfort to improve their motivation. With growing experience you can develop a better engine or add-ons for your games.

The game is quite solid and runs smoothly. The graphics are in comic style. The developers should make it more understandable why some games get a hit and others not, because this is not really that recognizable. The choice of specialists and technical improvement, researched features and training on employees have a direct influence on the fail or success of a genre. But it seems to be more important how the weightage at sliders like graphic, sound, story, game-play is placed when developing a game. Without a guide how to do that you can easily get lost, because the concept is pretty complex. Once you have successfully produced your own game in your own factory you can also develop a game console.

The gameplay is absolutely self-explaining and easy to handle. As soon as you earned enough money you can move with your company to a bigger building, improve the offices and add new specialisation rooms. The only thing we can criticise is that the graphics and sounds could be a bit nicer, more different music would be less boring, but that is now really rather a matter of personal taste. Also we noticed that a nearby build toilet gets just ignored and the workers still run to the one farer away that got first build. Despite such little bugs the game is still a lot of fun if you like management simulators.

We recommend: Buy it if you love this kind of Tycoon games. It is a really nice one.