Medieval Dynasty

Genre: Life Simulation / Survival / Building
Developer: Render Cube
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This is one of the games where I don't really know if a good review will be too early made now, because I did like the idea of their last game (Farmers Dynasty) this company created, but the animations and conversations were terrible and I don't think they ever fixed that. Out of concerns I would like to point my thumb sideways for now and give it an informative review, because I expect them to go on working on the game.

Toplitz and the developers of this game are connected to polish people and they remind me a bit on Frozen District and that PlayWay S.A. Company, who are located in Polen too and which have all kinds of developer names, but the simulation games they create look all like made by the same developers and they are a fast cash grab without any depth put into them and pretty sloppy made using some bought furniture and items from the unity shop ( they did not even design that, not even at House Flipper, a game about furnishing your house). It is just not easy to believe a company like Toplitz will do better, if you already saw a game with bad animations and partly bad conversations from the same developers, so I am going to be careful with my judgment for now.

Now back to Medieval Dynasty. I can say that it is currently my favorite game, but I can not hide the fact that there is a lot still very unbalanced and messy in this game. It are typical Early Access problems and some things seem to not be thought through enough and a bit sloppy coded. Bugs are going to appear while playing and if you save the game very often almost all of them can be avoided by reloading the game before they happened. On the other hand there will be constant problems too, like too few storage room, too high spoiling rate and some quests that won't want to work for you.

I personally love the game because it has just this brilliant theme to build a life and village up in the medieval times. It has survival aspects to it and RPG elements as well as management tasks to handle your villagers. But this is probably a one time play through game. Another fact you need to know is that your crafting and building abilities ( there are only prebuilt blueprints for buildings) largely depend on development of technologies, that ask you to farm yourself, hunt yourself, but also build constantly buildings and tear them down to get points for that research. I disliked this, because it was partly a pain to get those points. I was unable to get the needed points in farming to buy me sheeps and use them. I tried hard, then I read this: It will take 30-100 years ingame to level up farming to even 3000 xp, that would mean to play at least 600 real life hours in this game, totally insane.

The game is not finished yet and the main story just ends suddenly. The side quests are not really very compelling, rather short and superficial, like "get me 5 meat, I'm starving". They could have put some more love into this. The game is still addictive and I played it about 112 hours with a lot of fun, stress to earn enough money for my taxes and some quests, even more stress to handle asides my village, the decay of my buildings and problems to understand all mechanics without guide. To be fair I have to say that the game is worth its money if you are willing to accept its unfinished state and the bugs you'll encounter (just save it often to avoid them) and if you accept that the survival aspect is minimal. I might do a curator review later on when it is more obvious to me if it'll be a top or flop game when it's finished. Lets hope they fix all bugs and balancing issues till then. After 112 hours the game lost its attraction to me, because the technologies forces you to do so much repetitive things and you still won't be able to reach, what you want and the side quests are just too superficial after you finished the main story line. I should probably also mention that there is no female character and that they also don't intend to add one as far as I know. I had to restart it several times till it ran also on my Linux.

We recommend: If you like life simulation games and don't expect too much, you can buy it!