Medieval Dynasty

Genre: Life Simulation / Survival / Building
Developer: Render Cube
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This is one of the games where I didn't really know if a good review would be too early made, because I did like the idea of their last game (Farmers Dynasty) this company also created, but the animations and conversations were terrible and I don't think they ever fixed that. Out of concerns I pointed my thumb sideways in the beginning of the Early Access.

After almost a year of development I can now say that they did a great job on Medieval Dynasty. The game is a lot of fun and I do believe they fixed all bugs and additionally they added lots of things the community asked them for. I rarely ever saw any developer listening this much to the wishes of their players.

I can say that it is currently my favorite game, but I can not hide the fact that there was still a lot unbalanced and messy in the beginning of the Early Access. I did not encounter any bugs anymore. And if you still find one you can be sure that they will take care of them even if the game comes out of Early Access. The game seems to have grown to their very personal project that they identify with a lot. You can feel the love they do put in every detail, although they can't make it a fast cash grab by this. I have the feeling, that they used the great interest and success on steam by expanding some far more than originally intended and improving the game very nicely.

I personally love the game because it has just this brilliant theme to build a life and village up in the medieval times. It has survival aspects to it and RPG elements as well as management tasks to handle your villagers. I did spend countless hours in it and didn't get bored. Overall it is very relaxing to play it. Another fact you need to know is that your crafting and building abilities ( there are only prebuilt blueprints for buildings) largely depend on development of technologies, that ask you to farm yourself, hunt yourself, but also build constantly buildings and tear them down to get points for that research. I disliked this, because it was partly a pain to get those points. I was at first unable to get the needed points in farming to buy me sheep. Took me quite long.

The main story ends after some years and the side quests are not really very compelling, rather short and superficial, like "get me 5 meat, I'm starving". They could have put some more attention into this. But the game is still addictive and I played it with a lot of fun, stress to earn enough money for my taxes and some quests, even more worry to handle asides my village, the decay of my buildings and problems to understand all mechanics without guide. To be fair I have to say that the game is absolutely worth its money. The survival aspect is rather easy and the RPG part also not the focus. It is rather a nice addition to the building and raising a village part. There is also a DLC planed after release from Early Access. I should probably also mention that there is no female character and that they also don't intend to add one as far as I know. The game runs even on Linux.

We recommend: If you like life simulation games, you should buy it!