Genre: Building / Survival / Open World
Developer: Mojang
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

The game was released 2009 and later on sold to Microsoft. It is one of the most sold video games. The world is formed by blocks with different textures. There are two main modes to play it, the survival mode and the creative mode. Fans of the game did create a lot of additional content, the best known one is probably "Life in the woods" which added several mods to the game. The world gets randomly generated and you can play alone or in multiplay. The down side to this game is that the world starts lagging as soon as it renders the blocks when you change an area and travel.

The minecraft world has different regions like snow areas with pine trees, tropical jungles, grassland, volcanic mountains, asian meadows with cherry trees, deserts and swamps. You'll find also npc's selling items in some small villages or single huts. Around the map are some temples and pyramids to explore and other historical and ancient looking buildings. Your inventory can hold 36 stacks of different items. You can harvest wood, stone, seeds, metall, fruit and vegetables, just to name a few. You will find in some boxes and chests rare weapons and items and you can of course build a house or castle or anything else you can imagine, it will just be very angular and sharp-cornered.

It is easy to get killed by some sudden abyss, because the game will just create the landscape very unrealistic and random. Luckily there are cheats to teleport you to your body, because otherwise you'll give fast up on this game after falling in some really mean holes. Lava and water are the only liquid elements in game. There are caves and mines to explore and you can go by boat over far distances. There are also lots of animals and you can tame some. You may either play with monsters that show up in the night or turn those off. It is possible to go fishing and plant flowers or fruit.

Minecraft can be fun, but is a limited experience, the moment that you run out of ideas what to do the game is finished. There are not really any quests or tasks, it is completely up to you what you do in this open world. Mainly the game is about building and there are a few things you can explore. Fighting enemies can be part of the game, but it is not needed to play hardcore modus or survival. There is also an adventure and a spectator modus.

The graphic isn't really nice at all, but it gives you the possibility to build all you can imagine and always wanted to build. Resources can be easily collected with tools or cheated by a cheat console that is for everyone on the server available if the admin allows it. You can build everything you can build by using blocks. Your character can also be leveled. It never gets boring to go exploring by all the biomes and locations they included into the map and it is definitely more fun to play this game with friends. Also we recommend strongly to install fan made mods. It makes the game far nicer and adds a variety of objects and textures that makes the game so much more enjoyable. Nowadays there are better building games with far better graphics, but minecraft inspired them.

We recommend: If you like block graphics, buy it, otherwise we got to mention that we understand too good that the graphic sucks!