Genre: Survival / Zombies / Open World
Developer: Entrada Interactive LLC
Gamemode: Multiplayer / MMO

The PVP survival horror game is still in development. You start with nothing in a war-ravaged surrounding and have to collect fast some loot and find car components to get any old car or boat going. The classic start for any survival game. The open world is post-apocalyptic and offers a combination of shooter and survival elements. The game reminds on DayZ and some people talk even about a clone because the style of the world, the mechanisms and even the look of the inventory is similar.

The world is reduced to rubble, abandoned houses and shops, car wrecks and trash everywhere, but you can search them and find some helpful items. You will hide in any abandoned house during the night, because you will not see much during the dark. Fortunately the night doesn't last long and you could also still go on outside with a torch, because it is not absolutely pitch black.

You will have to collect water and food to survive. To learn how to build anything you can find crafting guides to learn recipes for your base building or weapons. Basically this game shows the atmosphere of the Walking Dead series. Other players will rather cause your death than hunger or monsters. It is difficult to protect your base against attacks from other players, because they can access every base if they don't get shot. It is also hard to find any hidden or isolated place for base building at all, because the map is small and doesn't offer hidden places. If you die your items stay at your inventory and can be looted by anyone.

You can not run a private server with password. The developers don't give you any possibility for this and justify it with the hackers that could use such data for unfair game play. We do not really understand that, because there are anti-cheat systems that they could use instead. The only way to run your own server private is to only allow players by their steam ID's to join it, but even then you need to rent it. You will be on a public server and if anyone runs that one and doesn't update it for some weeks you will just not be able to join back in at all anymore. After lots of complaints the developers finally added a new system that lets the servers update and shut down every 12 hours or more often, but probably not everyone will use this and it still doesn't solve the problem that you can not really play in private without the need to pay additionally for a server.

The graphic is nice as far as you can say this about a destroyed environment. The building system works easy, but hasn't got plenty of possibilities to offer. Even the storagebox you can build is far too small and you can only place one per building. If you are lucky you might find a crafting guide for a bit bigger one, but you can still only drop one of those in a base, if you play with friends that is just not enough. Loot stays in your inventory if you log off and logging off takes a few seconds to make sure you can not escape attacks by logging off fast. The game might be fun with friends, but exploring the map does only take a few hours and then you could only play PVP. Your base de-spawns after 1-2 weeks, depending on the size of it. So if you can only play on weekends you better don't buy this game, because it is not really fun to rebuild everything each time. This might also be a reason why most servers are pretty empty.

We recommend: Don't buy it!