My Time At Portia

Genre: Crafting / RPG / Open World
Developer: Pathea Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This gorgeous fantasy RPG game starts out with your character arriving at Portia. You will have to prove yourself worthy to take over the workshop of your dad by crafting some items, then you'll be able to register at the mayor as a crafter in town. Your dad left town long ago and wanted you to take his house and business over once you are old enough. Now it is up to you what you want to do, level yourself by crafting, collecting or fighting some peaceful creatures around town?

Everyone who loves Stardrew Valley just gotta love this game too, except to the farm part it is a lot like Stardrew Valley in 3D. The people are nice animated and the houses are just cute. You can pick up quests at the guilds board or from some people in town. You can get to know them better and give them some gifts to make friends or even fall in love. It is possible to go fishing and later on you will need to repair a bridge to reach a different area on the map. A lot of the tasks remind on Stardrew Valley. There are caves and dungeons around town that let you either collect for a fee materials or fight monsters if you prefer doing that.

Of course you can go shopping in town or sell some stuff you crafted or found and it seems you can also decorate your house and buy more land around it. Although a lot might be similar to the concept of Stardrew Valley the game is different at its story and graphics. First of all the graphics are done in a beautiful comic style, second the story is not about an abandoned farmhouse from your dead grandpa, although it is planed to give the player the possibility to plant their own garden too.

The game is definitely lovely and lots of fun to play. You can easily see that the developers did put some attention into its details and the world is just adorable. Usually this kind of game and graphics were published at console games and not that often for PC, the more pleasing it feels to have this one for the computer. Hopefully they are going to make up a beautiful story too that doesn't look like a copy of Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon, because that would be boring. There are already some big differences, for example you can wrestle with the inhabitants and build vehicles. You'll get money from sparring villagers and I guess you improve also your fighting skills.

The interface and gameplay works perfect in this game and we could not discover any bugs. The game has some mines and dungeons to go farming ancient relics and also enjoy some combat. If you'd like to try this game out get the free Alpha test version here:

We recommend: If you like RPG crafting games, buy it as soon as it is available!