Genre: Survival / Colonization / Strategy
Developer: Shiro Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

Did you play with the idea to buy this game? The game has a lot of good reviews, but we found some things too hard to achieve. The buildings look cute, the northern people too and the game has definitely some really nice features. Explore and discover a continent at the single- and multi-player, or do the missions of the campaign. The little regions you can conquer and make your own are very nice designed and offer different resources. The enemies can be wolfs, bears, some mythical creatures or just the computer opponents.

Before you start you choose a Vikings clan, which gives you slightly different starting conditions. Then you start building up your village by placing houses and some buildings that will produce resources. Take care of food and wood and generate also some money to buy upgrades and some buildings for your protection. You will need to earn glory and fame to satisfy your people. Unfortunately there is no tutorial to explain what to do and which strategy might work. Things like trade aren't explained anywhere, not even in the wiki or at any steam guide.

I enjoyed Age of Empires, the Settlers and Banished and I am used to start any mission if needed even ten times, but at this game I had serious problems to succeed at all. Something seems unbalanced or maybe just not explained well enough. The easy game mode seems to be rather the normal mode and the normal mode is like hard mode. The restriction of the amount of buildings you can place at each area to 3 or 4 is not helpful either. In the winter your food and wood gets rapidly reduced and some random events like earthquakes, a rat plague and illness might cause then that you will loose.

The game asks definitely for tactics and strategy. A cut scene might move your view during a fight to the other side of the map, while your soldiers go on fighting and die and you can't react. Some missions are just nice, others are totally annoying because of some time limit or other limitations. Also I did miss any free play sandbox mode without pressure, time limits and other restrictions. I also had the impression that a game can simply fail, because you got a very bad starting map with few food supplies for your people.

Graphically it is stunning. The music is also nice. The game play asks for too much production of resources, which can be sometimes frustrating. Sending your people to their jobs and tasks can be very tedious. It is not a relaxing evening game that you would want to play after work. It is just not satisfying and on a long term too hard, because if you don't exactly do what the developers intended, every mistake you make will be punished and you'll loose. I do believe most of those problems could be solved by a good tutorial.

We recommend: If you like strategy games, buy it on discount!