Novus Inceptio

Genre: Survival / Adventure / Post-apocalyptic
Developer: McMagic Productions
Gamemode: Singleplayer

After the creators of the human race discovered that mankind did change earth into a nuclear desert they decide to exterminate the last survivors. Millions years later they decide to revitalize earth and to replace the humans by DNA clones. To avoid earlier mistakes every Clone receives a little flying robot to watch over him. To give the humans better possibilities to evolve the creators drop anomalies that are teleport-gates to other de-missions and periods in time. As one of this clones you wake up at a base with clone-machines and containers with clones inside. This is the background story of the post-apocalyptic fantasy science fiction game Novus Inceptio.

Your character has to take care of food and water. For the water he just needs to walk into a lake and it will fill it up automatically, but you also have to watch temperature and your stamina. For the food some mushrooms will do at the beginning. You can collect some leaves, branches, bark and stones and then start crafting tools. For other items like planks, iron, and more you'll need those. Your character has also some fight mode that can be activated by you or automatically. Crafting items can be improved by crafting more of them and the crafting can also fail if you aren't experienced.

You will be able to terraform and build a house. Get some crop plots running later on to have your own food seeded. But at first you should go a bit exploring, because you can collect useful blueprints in the other de-missions and anywhere in your closer surrounding, because you will also find loot-boxes nearby, hidden behind some trees. A beautiful graphic is awaiting you and at each anomaly you'll find a different environment. Sometimes you'll be able to salvage things and get easy materials by this. On top of roofs, behind walls and at other places you can also find boxes with seeds, food, materials and blueprints. You will have to carry all back to your place and craft some storage to drop it. Be careful because there will be also some wild animals around that can attack you.

The developers McMagic Productions are planning to change the single-player game to a MMO, which is also needed to make the game more interesting. The game already got several awards and is definitely worth to be supported, but it is still far away from being finished. It runs stable and has a beautiful atmosphere, but the graphic still got small rezz problems, because trees can pop up and disappear in the distance a second later.

There are still some things that need to be fixed or developed in this game, but the developers do read your steam posts and reacts to them to make sure that bugs get removed and things that are needed or asked for get developed. The mysterious science fiction survival sandbox gets updates regularly and the developers post their road map with the progress of the project.

We recommend: If it is on sale and you don't mind, that it is unfinished, buy it! (For the full price I would not go for it yet.)