Genre: Detective / Investigation / Storydriven
Developer: Osmotic Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game got a demo if you'd like to get a first impression. The story is about keeping the balance between safety and freedom. The liberty of speech, the right to demonstrate and the need to watch people to defence the community against terrorism are dominating the story. Other than the description, you are not going to have the possibility to select from a lot of citizens people that you can investigate about. The story gives you one candidate that leads to other ones.

I played the game about 2 hours and made as far as I saw only one mistake, but that did not lead to any different outcome. After 2 hours I got stuck in the investigation and could not find any hints any more. There are different endings to the game though, but there are not for each case a lot of different endings. It is more a reading game, than any action or adventure. I would not call it a visual novel. The graphics are restricted to a few newspaper pictures, not much more. It gets repetitive by your instructor, who always states after each of your moves the obvious. Thanks Mr. Sherlock, I wouldn't have noticed. (*looks ironic)

The game starts out with an incident of an exploding bomb. You need to investigate now, read newspaper pages, check posts in the net and spy on chat. You will use a profiler and add infos you'll find. Find connections, evidences and proof. You'll have an adviser who tells you what to do next. If you add wrong data about any person the datafile gets corrupted, you can not change it later if you find any different informations on the same thing. So be careful what you add. Fast suspicions and conclusions might mislead you. Keep in mind that the liberty of speech is not a crime. Safety should not sacrifice freedom.

Surprises, surprises, then I found out that this game ironically sends a lot of information in real life about your identity, Ip number and computer to other addresses while you are playing, here is a list of them:






The graphic is cubistic, the music is average.

We recommend: For the reason that they send your data to several sources, I personally would not buy it!