Out of Reach

Genre: Survival / Crafting / Open World
Developer: Space Boat Studios
Gamemode: MMO / Multiplayer / Coop

This rustic building and survival game is mostly played on PVP servers but can also be set up on any private server to play PVE. You'll wake up on an archipelago on the beach. To stay alive you need to search for food and build a base. Explore the surrounding, but be aware that there are other people and/or animals around that might attack you. You can craft some armor with flax, hide or metal. The background story says you stranded at this beach, the storm is gone, the worst might still come and indeed you'll find somewhere a wrack on some cliffs in water and you need to stay out of reach of other stranded ones.

You will need to collect wood, stone, fibre and metals to craft tools, weapons and a shelter. Then you might want to have a bed to have a respawn point, but only the bed you crafted yourself will work for this. Next to do is expanding your backpack and by all those things you need to do the game keeps you busy for a while. You can also collect herbs to craft medicine and place water collectors for water supply. The night was dark so you better had a torch or fireplace running. The developer improved this now.

You can set up some traps and ballistas at your place to keep enemies away. The achievements you can earn will guide you step by step through the games crafting options. Just a warning, only pillars will support all ceilings at house building. And only if you drop also a builders desk and create a clan and a banner in it, it will make sure that the door doesn't stay open to everyone. By building the desk you can add names of your group-members and give them permissions. But if you play PVP every intruder can still break open your door and take over your base.

There is plenty of food around and the survival factor is less affected by this. It is rather playing PVP that will make it hard to survive if you don't have a bigger clan. On the PVE servers you will mostly concentrate on getting materials, hunting all kinds of african animals, finding and exploring caves and finding pirats treasure chests all over the island. If you go exploring you might want to craft a raft with a paddle-wheel that is powered by wood or a glider to overlook the world from above. The graphics aren't super awesome, but look quite ok. The character itself is rather simple, the building-system too. Some does still look stiff, awkward and a bit unrealistic, but the game can still be fun. The game did get meanwhile a additional spin-off as battle-royale created by PlayWay S.A., a company that does rather fast cash grabs than any game with depth or detailed gameplay.

We recommend: Buy it on Sale, because it is still far from being finished and will not yet keep you playing for very long!