Outlaws Of The Old West

Genre: Survival / Wild West / Open World
Developer: Virtual Basement LLC
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Online-Coop

This Wild West game is definitely more fun if you play on the multiplay servers. If you choose to play PVP or PVE is up to you and you will not have any guaranty that you won't get robed on any public server. This is literally the Wild West! Till now there is no system to hinder anyone to enter your house, but if you are worried you can run a private server too. The bad guys can be bandits too, but they will probably rather bug into your house and glitch through without even shooting you, than stealing anything inside. Bandits do steal from you, but only from your dead body, if you were stupid enough to not watch your health while trying to kill them.

There are two different types of bandits in this game. Some that are rather easy to kill and only carry a few bullets and dollars and sometimes a pistol around as loot, and those Skull bandits, that are worse damage-wise but also carry gold bars around and sometimes far better weapons. While you'll probably start out with a self crafted bow and some arrows, you can later on get far better weapons for your protection, especially if you decide to build a gun shop. The building system is extensive. I saw someone complaining in his review, that you don't need to collect experience and level up to craft everything. How silly is that? It was just amazing for me to be able to craft so many items from the start and I loved the detailed items they offered and the different building tiers.

This is not Red Dead Redemption, there is no open world with lots of towns, NPC's and quests. If you expect such a game go buy the other one. Just read up on it before you buy it just because it was on sale and complain then afterwards, because you were too lazy to read the shop page and reviews. The game is a Wild West game and there are bandits, but other than that it is mainly about building yourself a town and that feeling to ride into the sunset with a horse. It is nice to pass through the meadows and hills in the distance, to cross the desert and to see the dust in the noontime blowing in the air. This game is about running after a deer or wild goat near the mountains and killing it with some primitive equipment. It is about the fun to find a fish in your fish trap and not really a lot about starving and struggeling. Nature is rich and if you aren't too lazy to craft some stuff it will reward you with plenty of food. Water is all around, you just need to find it. This is not a hard survival game. If you watch it closely you'll find lots of animals in this game, much more than you'll realize on first sight.

Oh yes and of course a buffalo or a moose might kill you if you underestimate his powers, when you come too close or shoot it. You better go and build a house and drop a bed if you don't want to run across half of the map after you respawned, and don't forget to set your spawn too. Nicely enough the developers allow you to find your dead body back on the map. But seriously the game is not meant to be played alone, even if a singleplayer exists. You can do most alone, but do you really want to?

The graphic isn't amazing, but it just fits to the Wild West and the weather effects are awesome. There is different music in different areas and I did love the music a lot. The sounds are also very detailed, you'll hear exactly if your horse walks on rock or grass. The building system is better than in ARK in my opinion, although collecting materials is a bit grindy. Also be prepared for a few typical early access bugs. This is also one of the few survival games that offers you already in early access to choose a male or a female avatar, although the character customisation is still terrible. Your character can be leveled and improved in some abilities. They should probably add some caves, villages, abandoned towns, farms and quests to the game and maybe some Indians too. But keep in mind it is still in development and they really update a lot in this game and always add some new content.

We recommend: If you like building games and the Wild West, buy it!