Oxygen Not Included

Genre: Survival / Space Colony / Base Building
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The simulation and management game is about surviving under the surface of an astroid. Your people are stranded on this procedurally generated world and have to find food and grow it later on. You'll need water for generating oxygen and having a plumbing system will only be one of the challenging tasks you will need to handle. Your people need bathrooms and sinks. Each of them have different ways to react to stress and you better make sure they don't suffer by too few oxygen or other stressful influences.

The surrounding has different temperatures and concentration of gases and you'll need to watch it that your colonists have some cosy atmosphere. Building your base most efficiently means to use the resources and process unbreathable gas into air. Use water and ice too cool down machines. Heal infections and take care of your people, so that they don't go nuts or make a mess.

Choose your people well in the beginning because the ones, that will later on join won't be this good. A big 3D printer will spit out new crew members every few days. For this reason those replicants are called Duplicants. Give them priorities, make sure they eat and sleep enough. Research new technologies to develop improvements for your colony. Explore the map and uncover areas with different materials. Produce electricity by someone sportive that uses a hamster wheel till you can build a generator. Machines you did create will show any missing requirements by an icon. If something still doesn't want to work I recommend to use the wiki or watch videos because the technical and chemical aspect to this game is pretty intense. The game is quite realistic with closed loops. For example used water will be dirty and needs to be collected and cleaned again.

The maintenance and repair of your base will be time consuming, but you can also send your people out to uncover the map and find a geyser and forgotten rooms in this harsh environment. Pollution, temperatures, gas concentrations and other influences can be easily spotted by helpful overlays. Your people can not be controlled individually, you can only choose certain tasks and hope that they'll follow your orders. By this they can sometimes end up in unexpected situations, like ending up on a floating block of sand in the air by digging around it till they can't reach other blocks any more. Keep in mind that you'll need to babysit each of them.

The graphic isn't anything to write home about and it has a side scrolling view. The strange looking comic style is funny but not beautiful. Resources can be easily collected but for some you might need to dig further and some materials can only removed if you leveled your digging. There is no tutorial to this game, but it is possible to figure most out by yourself. The development of this game went very well with a lot of significant content updates during the early access, but the game has no story or end goal, except to building a working base, exploring some meteors and building equipment for that reason. Some technical stuff might seem too complicated for a beginner, but it is pretty well explained what each machine does at the menus and mouse-over tips. You can easily put a lot of time into this game and repeatedly restart with a new map till your colony works fine. The amount of statistics and data at the micromanagement can be overwhelming and setting priorities will be most important in this game.

We recommend: If you like complex colony build games, you need to buy this one!