Party Hard

Genre: Stealth / Strategy / Pixelart
Developer: Pinokl Games, Kverta
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Local Coop

The game turns you into a psycho mass murder. You play a person, who is tired of the noise his neighbours cause by loud music. Instead of calling the police he starts visiting parties to kill everyone there. You'll have different tools to make your mission easier. Those spawn randomly at every party. Different bombs, clothes to change, a sharp sword, running shoes. Don't pull any attention by staying too close to your victims and don't kill them while others watch you except you can immediately kill them too.

In the small cut-scenes between your missions a police officer tells his story about a serial killer. While you need to be careful not to be seen and caught you also need to get rid of all the visitors. Usually you'll also have some escape, but if you use those while you are running from an officer, he will make sure that they get closed up. Extra features like cars might be used to run over people or cause other accidents. You will have plenty of possibilities to make people leave certain spots and go anywhere else. Some might cause fire or explosions.

Depending on what you do police, FBI or SWAT might show up. Sometimes animals can be used for killing, or a fire barrel might eliminate anyone if you push him into the fire. You can poison the drinks or push someone into the ventilation or from a roof. Every mission has different challenges and traps. Sometimes it is smarter to cause some panic, than to take any risk.

The game starts out easy and gets more difficult with every level. You will fail and repeat some of them, but won't give up. The humor in this game is very dark and the game is pretty addictive. The story is not very deep or touching, but the cut-scenes are well done. In order to avoid suspicion you may not be watched at executing anyone. This means a lot of waiting and can be sometimes a bit frustrating for some people. Some moves might seem almost impossible, but will still work out after several tries.

The game can be unforgiving when you get caught at a crime. The further you progress, the more impatient you might get to reach the end and exactly that will lead to fail. You need to look for the easiest prey in the beginning, but the fewer people are around, the easier it gets. People will call the police for dead bodies. If they see you near the body they will assume you are the killer, so try to go on a distance immediately. The soundtrack to this game is cool, we enjoyed the retro pixel graphics, the gameplay is fun, although it might have a few issues on game mechanics. It might get a bit repetitive especially if you need to repeat a mission several times. We should probably mention, that the game also has a level editor. After about ten to twelve hours you might be done with the missions though.

We recommend: If you like killer games, buy it on sale!