Pixel Heroes

Genre: Adventure / RPG / Open World
Developer: The Bitfather
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This retro pixel game is a classic rpg game with a group of heroes that are sent to dungeons to fulfill quests. On their way they will meet creatures, people and other challenges that can already cause some fights too. The round based battles will give them as a reward potions and items. Funny things happen and most items got silly names. The game is definitely old school and got about 16 different heroes to choose from and 3 unlockable difficulties.

The combat will give your heroes experience and you can skill their abilities. For the fights and to open treasure chests which you can find in the dungeons you'll need those abilities. The small indie game starts out with forming a party in a tavern. Pixel Heroes: Byte and Magic is not really easy. Maybe the developers should have added an easy game mode, because the game play is pretty unforgiving. Your chances to stay alive depend totally on the choice you made when you did build your group and the protection your equip gives you.

The turn based battles can end with the death of any of your heroes. But you can revive him if anyone of your party survived. If all your heroes died you'll need to start all over with a new party. The game is hilarious and got a lot of charme. Unfortunately it gets very repetitive after a short while. For that reason it is a game that you'll probably only play for a few hours.

You only want to buy this game if you like the retro graphic. The sense of humor is entertaining. Your inventory is so small that it is hard to figure out which loot you should keep and unfortunately you can't expand it.

This party-based game is an almost rogue like experience centred around defeating bosses and clearing dungeons in a sarcastic high fantasy setting filled with pop culture references. It can be pretty hard to survive in the dungeons and you'll need to adapt your strategy and tactics to the abilities of the monsters and bosses. There is not really any story to this game nor any exploration or meaningful conversations, only quests you can choose. Most loot is just junk for selling. It feels a bit unfair that you can not equip your party with armor or items that would protect them against most status effects the enemies use. The protection will be partial and insufficient most of the time.

We recommend: If you like retro rpg games, buy it on sale!