Pizza Connection 3

Genre: Simulation / Strategy / Management
Developer: Gentlymad Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The sequel of the restaurant management series is better than its reviews would let you suspect. Seems that a lot of people compare it to the predecessors. The game comes in with a beautiful graphic, nicely fitting music and a campaign with its twelve missions that will replace a tutorial and keep you busy for quite some time. Six different types of costumers will ask for different pizzas and you'll need to find out their taste. This taste changes at any new started game, but if you earn enough money you can get some recipes from a cook.

Besides the campaign you can also choose to play a free game with different settings in any of the available countries. Expand and decorate your restaurant, choose shifts and hire employees. Be careful to not spend all your money and don't hire the best workers in the beginning to not go bankrupt. You can edjucate your employees later, no worries. Sabotage your competitors and take their customers over by doing more and better advertisement.

I had a hard time winning some of the missions and I played also Pizza Connection 2. I could neither find any game breaking bugs, they probably got removed meanwhile, nor did I ever have the feeling that the challenge was too low. The only critic I can understand is that the decorations are too few and that it would have been nicer to have wallpapers, flowers and other deco to create your own style. Of course the game is different to its predecessors, otherwise it would be boring. Some of the old features, for example the headquarters, are missing, some new features, like a delivery service, do replace them.

The organization is really important in this game. If you don't rent a warehouse very close to your business and make sure that the ingredients on your pizzas are in total not much more than the same 12 to store at the warehouse you'll create a lot of trouble for your delivery boys. You need to keep an eye on such details otherwise you'll fail very fast. Try to create 2 or 3 pizzas to cover all the clients. This is not a very detailed simulation, you won't need to calculate every step you make and optimize your management each day. Pizza Connection 3 aims to give you a more easy way to handle your business but is still fun. It is true that it might have been helpful to have a report or scale to see how many people don't get served or how many waitresses are missing. This part is just poorly realized and should definitely be improved.

We need to mention that the loading screens can be a bit annoying and that if you raise the number of residents in the free game you'll have lag. The different counties got some clear preferences and it can be hard to figure out the exact amount of ingredients on your pizza. For that reason you can call the chef on your cell phone to get advice. We just felt a lack of really perfect pizzas in his menu although his advice is not cheap at all. The game got a lot of bad reviews on steam and does really not deserve this devastating criticism. In my opinion the people did have wrong expectations and that is not a sign that the developers did everything wrong. They did improve decorations and could still add some sounds and maybe add more challenges for those who like it even harder. For my taste it was hard enough. It added a lot of fun to the game that you can meanwhile improve the abilities of your employees by a training and it would have been even nicer to be able to buy the restaurants after earning some money, but that would be just an awesome extra part of fun. We would judge this game is improvable, but still fun to play.

We recommend: If you like economic simulation games, try it out!