Planet Coaster

Genre: Simulation / Building / Management
Developer: Frontier Developments
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The roller-coaster game reminds on Roller-coaster Tycoon and lets you build an amusement park. The game is advertised as thrilling park empire with endless construction possibilities that would allow limitless creativity. Make sure you make enough profit in the beginning to not go broke before you could place some attractions. Decorations can be dropped later on and the highest incomes are generated by the roller coasters, that‘s for sure. Keep your visitors entertained and don’t let them starve or be thirsty. It's possible to feel lost when you first try out the construction and management. There's no integrated beginner's tutorial in this game, but mistakes can instantly be undone using the universal Ctrl+Z shortcut.

Except to playing in the sandbox mode you will want to invent at first some shops and attractions for the theme park. After developing new exciting rides you can drop them. Especially the coasters need to be build in a way that doesn‘t stress the peoples stomach out too much. Put also some scenery objects down to attract more people. Keep in mind not to scare the people to death or they won‘t even give it a try. You can take a ride on it to see how cool your coaster feels. Don‘t build too long or too short queues, they might disappoint your visitors otherwise by their waiting times.

Next thing to do would be to hire some employees and make sure that they get educated, motivated and paid well enough. The maintenance and repair of your attractions must be done often enough. If you took care of this you should start building some nice scenario and improvements too. If you want to customize your park you can terraform it and even paint the terrain. The building options are restricted, I would not call it unlimited, but you can build some nice decorations and houses with the walls, roofs, pillars, signs and plants you got. In my opinion they could have added some more different lamps and flowers. For the decoration you can also use some pre-made sets. After placing items you can still move them around till everything fits. Building reminds a bit on the Sims3, but is far from being that good. You can resize lots of things and colour them and the building tools work intuitive and easy. Sometimes you might have to turn off auto-snapping, which we did not always find.

The graphic is beautiful and you can choose different styles of decorations, such as pirate, science fiction, fairy tale, christmas and wild west. The music can be a bit enervating but no one said you can‘t turn it down or change it. Using custom music seems to be possible by adding it into the UserMusic folder, but the music seems to be too quiet to hear it. If you don’t mind such bugs the game is fun. There are also mods for buildings and decorations on steam that you might enjoy. Although some details could have been done better, we consider it still as one of the best amusement park games. It allows you to edit a lot of stuff but you need to look up the menu of the tools very closely to find out about all options. In the start it might seem difficult to find out how many options you got and to create some more complex landscape for your park.

The management part of the game is rather small, you can change prices and wages, you can run some advertisement and you can choose if rather families, adults or teenagers should get attracted to your park. In the early stage of development the management of this game offered to leave all settings to the default ones and still have a profitable park. The developers added meanwhile some really annoying decay of the rides that forces you to spend a lot of money on replacements after short while, because if you only repair them your visitors will still complain about the old age and won’t pay any more much for a ride. There is a career campaign, a challenge mode and a sandbox mode for this game. We got to criticize that the developers don't read the steam forum, but force you to log into their own page for bug reports.

Although there are a very few things we don't like, we recommend: If you love theme park games, buy it!