Polandball: Can into Space!

Genre: Skill / Memes / Casual
Developer: Alien Pixel Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game doesn't take itself serious, that is for sure. The developers have a strange humor and did create a game that lets the player launch into space with very few equipment. You can only buy most equipment with coins you collect in air. So you will start without much protection and wear some funny items. You are the rocket yourself and upgrade your equipment slowly because it takes a while to collect enough coins. If you don't pick up enough fuel cans in air you are going to fall back to earth with a parachute. The weather can change at each turn, other than that there is not so much diversion. It reminds a bit on console games and is suitable for all ages.

The quite average soundtrack loops constantly and gets a bit annoying after a while, because it is kinda like a circus music polka theme. It took me a while to find out that the start launch won't ask you to buy fuel before you lift off. There isn't any tutorial. You can find in air some magnets that will attract coins and fuel cans near you if you don't move too fast after you picked the magnet up. The steering is very slow and hard. In air you'll hit sometimes a ball, which drains your health and you need to pick up hamburgers to restore it.

The interface is good, the game play a bit dull and it gets very repetitive. The animations are funny and the whole game is cute by its graphics. I wouldn't have bought it, because it is not my genre, but people that love skill games might like it. For my taste it was a bit too ordinary and simplified, reminded on a browser game and suits maybe rather kids.

The game seems to have its name by balls that got flags and typical items from different countries. The themes are stereotype, the typical cliché of every country is shown. Also it seems that the main review writers on steam are polish people that might identify with it. If you watch it closer you'll see that most people won't play it longer than about 2-3 hours. Some people do view the game as political statement, I would not go this far and don't see that much depth in it. It is rather a diverting occasionally game for small breaks.

In summery I need to tell you that the grind to reach the end of this game might be just too severe. It shows a beer tent humor, a bit dense and grossly for all simple minded ones, forgive me that comparison. If you like that kind of humor you are going to have fun with the game.

We recommend: If you like skill games, you might like it and we would recommend to buy it only on sale!