Survival: Postapocalypse Now

Genre: Survival / PVP / Open World
Developer: TB Games
Gamemode: Multiplayer

You wake up in a prison in Siberia, first thing to find is a torch, because it will be pretty dark around you. Next thing you'll see is that your inventory got only 8 slots. As soon as your character starts getting hungry he will complain every 20 seconds about it. It will go on your nerves because till you'll find any food you will have to hear it all the time and it will take quite some time. The developer should get punished by being forced to play his own game for an hour not finding food. If you find finally anything to eat you will need more of it about 15 minutes later, because you burn food like crazy. It seems if you are lucky you can find a backpack or jacket that can carry more than the one you start with. If not you will be screwed.

You can not access any option menu while playing or being in the main menu, it also doesn't show by pressing esc. You can only check on key bindings at the main menu under help. No option to turn down sound or make the game less dark. You will hear dogs or wolfs and gunshots while you search for loot and you can be attacked, of course. Apparently there is no singleplayer server working for this game, because if you die you will be able to look up other players on your server by some arrows showing on your screen while you wait for your respawn. The sound that comes up when dying will annoy the hell out of you. Weapons and tools can be held by your character, but you'll never figure out where they go and disappear to and how to get them back into your hand. That is how bugged or bad coded this game is. You will randomly join a fraction if there are more players on the server.

The wolfs or dogs drop meat you can eat if you can cook it. Otherwise it will not reduce any hunger. You can get stuck anywhere between furniture or in any doorway and I saw even flying kiosks at a train station, so the developer did not really care about some graphic bugs either. Hunger and thirst goes way too fast down in this game and there is not really much food or water around except in the areas with houses. The wolfs will also damage you, so you will die pretty fast by hunger afterwards. If your temperature goes down under 30 degrees you'll also freeze. Either you go then into a house or run a fireplace. Additionally they got a very long dark night in this game and you will not see anything inside of some buildings.

Some fun things in this game are the drawers and doors you can open to search lockers, cupboards and dressers, as well as a helicopter you can fly after repairing it and playing PVP of course. You can find a map for orientation if you are lucky. You'll also find a lot of weapons, but till you find any suiting ammunition you might be dead already, because you can not fight with your fists. Or you might throw it even away because your inventory is getting too full with weapon cleaning kits that don't work without oil, magazines that you can not fill with the wrong bullets and other useless crap. Jumping damage is unforgiving, so be careful. If you find a battery and fuel you might be able to use a car. Prepare to loose the car once you accidentally leave the area by foot, which can happen if you go too far away from any road and don't see the border to the next area.

We want to mention that you can also build a house. If you click the right mouse button the kind of building-parts you will get shown changes. And then good luck with aiming and building anything. It is not really working very well. We found also no possibility to store any items, so the house is pretty useless. The graphics are dusky and morbid, it is a demolished, abandoned and cold world. The walking is a bit wonky. The game is only fun for people that like playing PVP. Unfortunately it gets very boring after few hours and you loose everything if you die. The map has its problems because it is not really an open world that has different regions into every direction, it is rather an one way route you can walk forth and back. Lots of people complained also about russian hackers and cheaters who ruined this game. Back in March 2016 was the last update so it seems the developers abandoned this game.

Our recommendation: Don't buy it, it's not worth it and it will not improve or leave early access any more it seems.