Project Highrise

Genre: Simulation / Management / Building
Developer: SomaSim
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This tower building simulator lets you build one or more skyscrapers and put apartments or offices inside, that people can rent. To satisfy your tenants and to earn some extra money you can place shops and restaurants. You can create nice mini malls and small art exhibitions in your tower. They could have added more decorations but you can have by one of the DLC's a rooftop terrace beergarden and restaurant. You'll have a huge amount of rooms that look different and repeatedly monotone moving people that sit or run over your screen. Everyone just got to like this game by its basics that are perfect created, but the game has no depth. It's all about building and earning enough money while doing so. A game like this could gain so much by some more variety in the behaviour of the people. I mean this is really a nice game, it is just something missing at the endgame that would still challenge you.

There is not any micro management in this game, but you still need to watch your budget and especially in the scenarios it is rather hard to get enough money at the beginning. You'll get the better payment with more luxurious buildings, but those tenants have a lot of requests before they want to stay. You will have to satisfy all their needs before you let them move in, otherwise they will cancel the contract very soon, move out and leave bad reviews about your building. The people that use your apartments do of course have different needs than the office workers and you can drop a lot of service rooms for everyone, but those cost money and don't generate any. Some might ask for a cleaning service or laundry, others will need a copy shop or daycare, a mall security team for the shops or just more phone switches in the cellar.

The graphics are simple and there is always something moving on your screen but it is a 2D graphic and you need to like that. Once you figured out how to earn fast money and not take loans you'll be also fast bored by the game. You might play around with the few building options and then finally after a few hours just give up on the game. Even the game ignores if an elevator breaks down, people don't get upset if there are no stairs instead anywhere, they just slip though the broken thing it seems. Is this what they mean with ignorance is bliss? In any other simulation game the customers would have panicked or never come back, the tenants would have moved out, but not at Project Highrise.

The users complain about the missing complexity, because they compare this game to the SimTower game. The DLC's are also questionable because they don't really add much more than a few changes of the background picture and scenarios and expand the building area. They should have probably rather given the possibility to build your own town with lots of buildings and parks and other nice places instead of focussing on a tower. Somehow you feel after short time a lack of anything that's really hard to describe, you could call it motivation or concentration, the game just doesn't catch your attention then any more, because it gets too superficial. A rare event of an earthquake only damaged one of my machines in the cellar which was pretty unrealistic. Once you provided the listed services to your tenants you won't have any further problems. Even the very old Constructor game had more occasionally upcoming events and incidents that made your clients unhappy or forced them to leave.

The game is diverting and to make sure that people don't just let it run in the background you get each night at midnight a popup that stops the game, but you can remove that too. I guess the developer realised after they read the users posts, that it would get too boring if you could just let the game run to generate money by itself, but it is a fact that this is what you will do most of the time, just sit there and wait and watch without doing much. Now we can discuss if that is fun at playing any game. For a short while it is ok though. Probably you'd jump in the end from your own skyscraper if you could because of the missing challenge in the endgame. On the plus side you won't experience any performance issues but who would have expected any at a simple game like that.

We recommend: If you like building games, buy it on sale or just buy anything better!