Project Hospital

Genre: Strategy / Building / Management
Developer: Oxymoron Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The game has two play modes, sandbox and a short campaign. A few extra challenges too. The downside has to be mentioned immediately, there is no camera rotation. Often when a wall covers your view you'll be tempted to try rotating the view. I saw most lets players playing in the sandbox mode that won't charge any money for building. Only if you hire people and look up more than one page from the job center you'll loose money. That for the game seemed quite easy, but it isn't as soon as you play the sandbox under normal conditions, where everything coasts money. I was not willing to give up that easy and did play it in normal mode. Then it is quite difficult to make money and not to drown in debt.

I recommend to play the complete tutorial to learn everything about the game before you start building your first own hospital. You can speed up time and while you are progressing you'll get achievements and fulfill tasks from the insurance which will grant you a money bonus of 20000$ each time. Sounds good but will not really cover your expenses. While you expand the hospital you can also treat your patients yourself or just leave them to the experts you hired. It seems wired that some doctors with 80% experience still mess up more than 20% of the diagnoses. At least that was my impression. Also you might find out that the AI needs improvement at the medical examination if you take over the doctors job.

Don't miss out to take a contract with the new insurance that just offered you to send more people because you finished a task. Every time you get a contract with a new insurance they will give you a certain number of clients which need the new departments you did build. Some details like this can be missed out while busy building. Your wards might not be used if any item wasn't placed correctly or if you did not hire enough staff in any connected room. Prepare to repeat some in the beginning to get used to how everything works. The game can also be pretty complex by its details about treating diseases and understanding symptoms. Some messages you'll get will be confusing. They might tell you that there is no free bed at TC, but don't explain at which department and what the heck is TC? Trauma center... finally I figured it out myself.

Some objects from prebuilt rooms can be resistant against removal. Used items will also stay as long as they are used. Copying your own rooms did not work for me at first till I figured out how it works, I only saw it gets shown at the prebuilding window, but did not get how to do it. There is also no reverse button to undo anything you did build. Seems that deleted items will not give you the full price back. Objects seem to have no influence on prestige. Sometimes finding a really skilled doctor or nurse takes 4 to 5 refreshes at the job office, which can make you broke, because it coasts each time 2500$.

The graphic is nice and the game has an average music and a lot of sounds. After you got into it you'll have a lot of fun building, but go broke most of the time. The hospital just generates far too few money. Also you'll totally loose track of single sectors of the hospital the bigger it grows. There are no changeable conditions in this game which would require that you adapt to them. Once you did build a functional section nothing will happen any more except to the insurance tasks. There is no marketing or change of salary, there is no progression except to building. I just missed any newspaper shops, cafes or other supply services, balkonies and half walls don't exist, even bathrooms are missing in the wards. Worst is that if you build several floors and notice later that your hospital needs more rooms in any of those, you can still expand the ground floor, but not any of the others. If you are patient enough to work your way through the money problems caused by patient limits, some building problems and a few difficulties at the AI we can recommend the game. I definitely had fun building and meanwhile they released some DLC's that you need to pay if you want them.

We recommend: If you like serious simulation games, buy it, but be prepared for some difficulties!