Project Zomboid

Genre: Survival / Zombies / Open World
Developer: The Indie Stone
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This zombie survival game is not easy at all, especially when you start out. You won't be able to outrun all zombies all the time although you might be fast enough, you'll just run into too many of them and won't be able to completely avoid all of them. The fighting system takes time to get used to it. You might need also some time to find a weapon you like because till you got any gun melee weapons will be your first choice. Anyway ammo is rare and you also need to prepare for the lights to go out once the electricity stops working. Same for water supply. Find some solution for it.

The world is reduced to ruins and abandoned buildings, no humans any more, you'll be alone if you don't decide to play this in multiplay which is also easier. Protect yourself and secure some shelter with wooden boards and planks. Make sure you aren't too far from any town to collect resources, because in the forest you can only chop some wood down and probably also some zombies. Where you settle will have an huge effect on your experience, you'll encounter different benefits and problems by it.

Food helps surviving but some magazines could be nice too to get rid of that feeling to be bored and locked up inside the house. You'll need anything to collect water and a bunch of books would skill yourself for some gardening and crafting with wood or metal. Even fishing and cooking can be done in this game. Your character can get depressions by bad or cold food, can panic and suffer by the season, depending on heat or cold. There will be NPC's in the future for relationships. Also they intend to add vehicles and more buildings in the map. Stealth mechanics are planed as well.

The simple interface and graphics are just enough to serve their purpose. The game is defininitely not about its graphics, that is for sure. We did not encounter any performance issues in the multiplayer. It is a realistic setting to have that many zombies roaming around, but we would recommend to turn their respawn off if you run your own private server and can change the settings. Then they'll be gone for good once you wiped them out. For the gameplay: Turn off the light, barricade the house, keep quiet, hang sheets in front of the windows from inside, hide in the shadows to not pull attention and most important, if you need to fight don't get infected, because infections are almost to 100% deadly. That is a bit disappointing, because it would be nice to have a better chance if you disinfect the injury or if there was any treatment at all. Unfortunately your skills are gone if you die, they will be set to zero if you don't change that at create server under manage settings. That is the nice part about this game that you can change a lot in those settings.

There is currently a local 4 player split screen coop also. The game got modding support. In singleplayer you can choose different scenarios or sandbox. The development seems to slow down a lot though. It is questionable if it gets ever finished because the development took already 6 years. There is no story yet and the motivation to play for longer might get lost by that after a while, but the game is in multiplay still fun. The textures aren't very high quality and for sure the game could use some improved graphics for water, but I don't believe that this could change, either you can live with that old fashioned style or you may not buy it.

We recommend: If you like zombie horror games and don't expect more than the game is, you can buy it!