Genre: Survival / Crafting/ Open World
Developer: Redbeet Interactive
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

Let's play some waterworld, the game is called Raft, a game which has a story taking place in the future at a drowned world. The ocean level did raise all over the earth by ice melting and global warming. A scenario the scientists do predict for our future at real life too. Gather and scavenge items for materials to expand your raft and survive. You can go to tiny and a bit bigger islands and find there under water materials at the reefs as well as some resources on top of them. You can also find clues about how you ended up on the raft and why the world is covered by ocean.

The world is reduced to water, tiny floating rafts with loot that immediately sink when you step on them, and a few water bases, that you can only discover if you crafted a receiver and antenna with the help of blueprints you'll find. The ocean is full of barrels and other loot that you can fish out of the water with a hook. You are trapped on your raft and can build yourself a home if you protect it against the shark attacks, which are partly a bit annoying at the beginning.

You can use the creative mode of this game to enjoy building without hunger and shark attacks, or you can play the survival mode to have all the challenges. The developers plan on stranded ships, sunken cities and caverns filled with treasures, but that could take a while. Unfortunately you can not build anything on any island. The developers listen though to the wishes of the community and you might want to post them your ideas and suggestions.

The repair of your raft will eat up some wood and if you are smart you will reinforce the foundations and catch nets with metal, because the sharks will otherwise bite off pieces and you can just repair those foundations later on with a bit of wood. You can find items at fishing too and fishing is super easy in this game. If you put up bird nests and do some fishing you can feed yourself more easy, but I don't recommend to grow plants same time, because the birds will steal your crops. You got a scarecrow though to keep them a bit away, but those don't work very well.

The graphic is beautiful. The music is nothing exciting or special relaxing, but it is ok. Resources can be easily collected with the hook. You can choose a male or a female avatar but there is no character customization. Your character can not be leveled and improved in any abilities. Multiplay can work well for up to 8 people as far as I know. It gets very boring after you discovered the stations and the reason why the world is covered by water, because there isn't really any challenging endgame content. After about latest 30 hours you might not know what to do any more, but they might improve the game later on and add more story to it. If they give the possibility to build houses on the islands the players would be far longer busy but then they would also need a map to find back to it and the infinite produced map probably wouldn't work any more. So I don't have high hopes that they'll add that.

We recommend: If you like survival games, buy it for now on sale!