Red Dead Online

Genre: Wild West / Missions / Open World
Developer: Rockstar
Gamemode: Multiplayer / Coop

Red dead Online is identical with the online part of Red Dead Redemption 2, which is more than 60 Euros on Steam and includes a story. The Red Dead Online Version is about 20 Euro, but if you grab it on sale it will be only 5 Euro. And who doesn't want to play to live in the Wild West. Unfortunately Rockstar did not add any properties you can own, except to a Moonshiner shack, which you can find in five locations on the map and buy for a 25 gold license or if it is on sale you can get it for 15 gold like all other professions. You can choose from Bounty Hunter, Naturalist, Trader and Collector, all of those will coast 15-25 gold, but if you want to be Moonshiner you need to get to level 5 Trader before, which means it is most expensive. Each role has its specifications and tasks.

Be aware that the game is also a PVP game, although there are lots of players that will not attack you. What I enjoy about the game are little things. To ride on my horse through nature without having to fear to be assaulted or pulled into a bush as a woman. To pick up herbs and collect rare items while strolling around. To discover breathtaking views and abandoned shacks while roaming the world. The friendly greetings by a fellow NPC on the road through the desert or mountains. An unexpected complement on my look by a player in the big town where everyone meets up. To hunt some 3 stars deer and bring it to my camp to cook the meat. The cup of hot coffee at the campfire. My friends smoking cigarettes while they'd never touch those in real life, but looking cool in their cowboy outfits. You just gotta love this vivid world.

You are playing a Wild West game, but you don't really need anything to survive, except to some basic weapons and a smart play style. As in their GTA games Rockstar does not take care of the trolls and cheater on their servers. Ridiculously enough they even ban people that get victims of any cheater and pick up cheated items in the world. So you should avoid taking anything that seems to lay around for free, except to the items that Rockstar placed in some houses as loot and the collectibles around the world. There are also plenty of quests and strangers missions around the big map. Be aware that only treasure maps, dailies and Bounty Hunter missions give gold. All other professions earn only dollars.

As usual at Rockstar games there is also in this game the possibility to buy things by real life money, but you can do without it if you aren't to inpatient with getting there by yourself. Took me a few weeks to get all professions while playing with friends. Some enemies and predators spawn into the game out of nowhere right in front of your nose. Of course some kids do have fun to mess up your missions and throw dynamite on your delivery wagons while you try to earn some in game money. Peace stays fragile in this game and you might be suddenly caught up by real life. But if you want to be a cowboy, then it is worth dieing, hell yeah, because you won't loose anything. You just respawn nearby and can even get a temporary protection afterwards. Also you can put yourself to defensive when you don't do missions. And all you want is being one of those Hillbillies and turn on this good old country music on your lonely ride into the sunset.

The graphic and sound are very nice and the towns and villages very atmospheric. The landscape is stunningly realistic and beautiful. There are day and night time as well as weather changes in this game. Resources for crafting and your business can be easily collected. You can choose a male or female avatar. Your look can be changed later on. More items get unlocked by running a business and leveling. It never gets boring to go exploring all the locations they included into the map and it is definitely more fun to play this game with friends. Loading times are short, but I need to mention disconnection problems. The game runs on Linux as well but with crashes from time to time.

We recommend: If you like Wild West games, buy it on sale!