Regions of Ruin

Genre: RPG / Tiny Bit Town Building / Adventure
Developer: Vox Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This side-scrolling RPG has an open world that you need to uncover at first. For that reason you need to collect food by killing bunnies on your way. You get sent out at the beginning to discover some buildings by doing some quests. Once you did fulfill the quests you can build a tavern, a blacksmith, a smelter and a runeforge for enchantment. Other buildings are a traders spot, a farmers market and a storage tent. Each of those can be expanded and upgraded. Outside your settlement you can discover caves, ruins, farmers houses, swamps with skeletons, hidden mysteries and camps with Orks, Kobolds, Trolls and Goblins.

The game is about dwarves and a kingdom that has been overrun by enemies you need to fight. Almost every region gives you a quest and the task to rescue some captured villagers, clean some cave from nasty spitting worms or execute some Orks that did occupy a farmers or woodcutters area. While you do this you can level up, skill your character, sell useless loot and find some amazing equipment for yourself. Or if you don't the trader will for sure offer you some. The pixel art is as in Kingdom beautiful and the story feels nice while raising your little village is also fun. You can fight sneaky or just chaotic and bold.

When you talk to NPC's you can listen to rumors, advice and their personal needs and get by this some informations what's going on in the area. Sometimes you'll have to solve a puzzle to unveil a mystery. While you free some people you'll hire those at the same time and can put them on the map to duty to collect resources for you at the already recaptured areas. You can also play games at the tavern and recruit dwarves who will follow you around to murder enemies.

The developer did not give up on his little game although he had to fix a lot of problems during the early access. He did put a lot of work into this and you can easily see that at the amount of puzzles and map areas he did. The game will keep you busy for quite some time, with the free DLC about 25 hours at least. It can be slightly grindy, but that is also the fun, discover plenty of new items, new parts of the story by scattered book pages and dwarven survivors and to stay addicted to the end. All the skills do change your fighting style only slightly, but they help you to take out harder enemies and the game stays always focused on hack and slash actions for better loot and jumping puzzles in a 2d setting.

The graphic is cute, the music very nice and the story not too shallow. Don't expect too much of the city builder part, because it is mostly just an additional little help. The runeforge is very nice to pimp your armor and weapons. Click on an item to take the infusions out and double click an item to add any. It never gets boring to go exploring by all the locations. You can change the difficulty whenever you want if you don't feel well at fighting your enemies. I would recommend not to take the quest givers with you to a fight, because they might die, which could cause that you won't get the reward for doing the quest. The open world of this game is not procedural generated, but handcrafted with every detail and unique dialogue.

We recommend: If you like those old fashioned 2D side-scrolling games you should buy this one, it is a lot of fun!