Genre: Survival / Strategy / Basebuilding
Developer: Ludeon Studios
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The science fiction colony 2D game starts with picking 3 survivors for your team that make a forced landing on a distant planet. Just to warn you it can take a long time to decide which crew members you should take and which area to choose for the base you are going to build. There will be storms, poisoning clouds, solar eclipses, fires and attacks. Later on you can take prisoners or just harvest their organs, sell them to slave traders or convince the prisoners to join you.

You can choose between 3 storytellers who will determine the difficulty of your game. Your settlers can level their abilities, help and rescue refugees, let them craft and hunt, arm them, grow food and develop new technologies. While you build up your camp it can be challenging to take care of sick people, do surgery if needed, harvest enough food and store it, cook enough meals and satisfy all the needs of your people. They will ask for bigger rooms, nicer decorations and more comfortable furnitures after short time and if they don’t get that they’ll have a bad mood and probably lay down lazy in the grass.

People you caught alive when they attacked your base can break out of their prison if you don’t take care of them well enough and they won’t join you if you don’t have a person that can talk them into it. Of course it is helpful if that person is extremely beautiful and good in social matters. If your base gets too wealthy the enemies might show up in huge crowds and overrun you. You can make money by taming and selling animals, collecting resources, selling crafted stuff or your prisoners, either alive or in pieces.

Your colonists can fall in love, get ill, get rejected, have a party, brew beer and get drunk, fight each others, get nuts and die. They can have traders coming by or communicate with them in orbit. They can improve their reputation by giving the pirates and bandits money. You can do a lot of crazy things or just let your people live a pretty common life. Unless the really minimalistic graphics that really suck the game is very nice. The game play is not simple because you need quite some strategy to handle your daily routine and your people do what they want, not what you’d like them to do. You can give them certain tasks at a duty interface, but you can not control each step they do. So get ready for some surprises.

You can make up your own story by choosing for example famous and rich people that get stranded on that planet and manage their destiny. The game has no tutorial but a little learning window to the right top corner to teach you how everything works. You can move your people to a certain spot if you enable their attack mode, but no one tells you that. You can change what your settlers grow on the fields, but you need to find the menu for it. Electrical stuff might need a roof above or it will catch fire and blow up in the rain. And this are only a few examples what you'll need to find out.

We recommend: If you are a retro graphics fan or don't mind the horrible 2d graphics, buy it, it is fun to play!