Rise of Man

Genre: Survival / Strategy / Simulation
Developer: Darkcross Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You start out with a small group of people and have only 4 energy points to spend each day. By this you'll end up being busy for 10 minutes and then you'll have to press the sleep (night-circle) button to end the day. You can't order your people to chop down any specific tree or stone, you just give them the order in general to collect those and they'll run off by themselves to find them anywhere. By this the people are uncontrollable which will for sure later on cause some to get eaten by wild animals.

Till now the game is so few developed that you can only play about 2 hours. Latest then you did all you can, researched the few items and collected some materials for it. The developers should raise the energy points per day and give you the possibility to assign a worker to a certain task for more than one time execute. You can only craft very very few crafting stations and items. There is a at least a speed button to reduce waiting times while playing, but to have to waste half of the day seems to me a bit sad and boring.

The graphics of this game are average. The sound is partly a bit weird and annoying. You'll latest know what I mean if you give someone an order he can not follow, because of missing resources. The whole game is super grindy and tedious at the moment. I do get that collecting resources is the base for this game but the tedious feel comes up because the gameplay asks you to repeatedly give the same orders all the time. It is no fun to have to open a window each time to send your workers out again.

The game is in extremely early stage. It was released to early access at september 2017 and abandoned 2 months later at december 2017. Clearly a rip off. They promissed to bring in lots more items, buildings and functions, but never did.

We recommend: Do not buy!