Rising World

Genre: Building / Sandbox / Open World
Developer: JIW-Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This exploring and building game reminds a bit of Minecraft and has a randomly generated world but you got a few choices how to create it. Its world has different biomes and animals. You can kill the animals or some let you just collect their resources without killing, the sheep gives you for example wool. There are pigs, bears, sheeps, goats, cows, fox, moose, elephants, tigers, lions, giraffes. You can collect wood and the trees can give seedlings and the flowers can be replanted. Also pumpkins, apples, lemons, broccoli, tomato, cabbage, melons, strawberry for eating and Flax for crafting can be picked up. There is desert, snowy region, mediterranean area, water, tundra and steppe with a few fitting plants.

The game gives you more than 200 materials to craft with and some tools. You can build a house or castle, a whole modern town and anything else you can imagine and decorate it with your own uploaded pictures. You will need to collect wood, stone, coal and metal for building everything. A furnace, an anvil and some crafting benches will help at crafting. You can craft also some furnitures and decorations at the crafting tables. There is even a playable piano.

This is the basis for the game, the rest needs still to be developed. The terrain gets randomly generated but you need to terraform it for building. You can play this game in Survival mode, Stranded, Adventure or in Creative mode. Till now everything except Creative mode seems not to be developed much at all. To interact with anything you need to press F. The game has some relaxing music coming with it and a few nice nature sounds. The map has everywhere coordinates that show on your screen if needed, by this you can find back home if you go exploring.

If you loved Minecraft you might like this game too although there is still much that needs to be improved. To be able to place everything you might want to run your own server because there are for example some plants like the fern that you can not place if you aren't admin and there are also some cheats to spawn materials or objects that are very helpful. Some, like flying you can also use if you are no admin.

The variety in-game is still limited at textures and plants and animals. You can also not tame any of the animals or keep them in a barren. They would either run through the walls or fences or just despawn. The styles of furnitures should also be extended a lot. It is definitely fun to play this game but it is still really very early access. It has potential and already offers a rich variety in construction choices, they just need to add far more decorations. The only negative is the slow development.

Our recommendation: Wait for more development or get it only when it is offered very cheap!