Genre: Survival / Crafting / Open World
Developer: Facepunch Studios
Gamemode: MMO / Multiplayer

Ok now we finally write about one of the most popular survival PVP games on steam: Rust! Most loved and hated. As far as we read a lot of cheaters and merciless hunters of newbies in there. Hunger, thirst, heat, cold, radioactivity (temporarily the radioactivity got removed) and a few wild animals can kill you, but if you go on a PVP server it is most likely that you get headshot by another player before you can move a step. With the primitive weapons you can craft in the beginning like a speer or bow you will not be able to do anything against attacks, no matter if its a bear or a player with a rifle. Rust is hell for beginners, that is for sure, the whole game is about being the first one to kill others, no matter how unequipped or even naked those are. If you love that kind of hardcore go to a PVP server.

It will be easier if you create a private server and play PVE. Then you can take your time to go exploring, find some crafting blueprints, get some loot crates that are dropped by planes, but be careful helicopters can also shoot you. Next step is building a base and even plant some food in your garden. But the idyll is deceptive, Rust still stays dangerous as long as you don't have any good weapon you will be hunted by bears and wolfs and might not be able to outrun them most of the time. They even climb any rocks easily and sometimes bug through walls. If you die you can find a bag with your inventory but your partly uncovered map gets erased. Respawning is possible in your sleeping bag, if you have one, otherwise it will be any random place.

If you want to survive you will need to build a shelter as soon as possible. Then you can discover tropical or northern areas on the map and a few buildings like lighthouses, an observatory, an airport, factories, or a military base. In the night you will be completely lost without torch, because it is pitch-black. A bit too dark for our taste, because even a full moon will not spend any light. For the reason that you will have to uncover the map at first and need to craft one before, it is hard to meet with friends in the beginning. The game has a shop for mods and you can buy there some item skins.

The graphic of this game is not the most beautiful one but average, still it will tempt you to watch the sunsets. The performance is ok, but might be affected by the number of players on a server. The concept is most of all PVP based because there is not much more concept that would motivate to do anything else than to raid and rob whatever you find. There is enough loot around but finding a good weapon is not too easy. The building system is rather basic and useful. To get food you can kill deer, bunnies, chickens or pigs, but you'll need to grill the meat and if you overcook it you can use it still as bait for fishing. With the cloth you can craft some armor or a hunting bow. Trees and rocks respawn after some time. Tab will open your inventory and E will interact with other items. You can research items to be able to recraft them. But before you can do this you need to find the items, collect blueprints and find a research bench.

Beware of the cold, it will stop your life regeneration and raise the amount of food you'll need. If you got attacked you'll need bandages to stop the bleeding. If you fall down anywhere you'll get fall damage and can only wait till its effect is gone. Don't eat uncooked meat, it will poison you. Stay away from radioactivity, if you got con-terminated eat, drink and use an anti-radiation stabilizer. Rust is definitely no singleplayer game, you need to play with some friends to make it a fun game. Updates are more about fight balancing and new weapons than about building items and any new landscapes. At the moment the developers are reworking the whole game, so forbear with them, because it will not be any more what it was before, also in a good meaning.

Our recommendation: Buy it if you like exploring and building, or want to play some hardcore PVP, but don't expect the game to be finished yet because it is plain recognizable that there is a lot missing!