Genre: RPG / Action / Open World
Developer: Ascaron
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer

The hack and slash RPG game has a huge world filled with quests and loot. But the conversation and remarks of the NPC's and mobs are the best in this game. With a lot of humor and love to the detail "Sacred2: Fallen Angel" will catch all your attention. Ancaria is a world full of monsters, heroes and shiny weapons. What else would a good roleplay game need than action, humor and good loot. The skill-system is of course important to the players and the quests should have a nice story. Sacred2 satisfies both in a brilliant way.

In the beginning of the game you may choose if you want to play as a noble good or evil hero. Then you can additionally choose from 6 interesting classes, each of them got a patron god. Fights can be fought with combos. Quests can be easily identified by the color of the circles around them, so if you prefer following the main story line only you can just follow the orange circles on the map. Some of the side-quests might be less profitable but most are quite entertaining. There is even one that will give you a special mount for your character. There are plenty of nice bosses, challenges and set items for armor.

The graphic of this game is pretty and colorful. You will enjoy the variety of mobs and enemies. The multiplay can be used with up to 5 people in your party. But it works only if all of you choose the same side. If your group splits up it won't be a problem, because you can usually handle the attacking mobs still pretty well even if not everyone is around. The possibility to teleport to party members makes it easy to add new members even if your party is already further in progress in the story and level. If you die you will anyway respawn on a far off island or a nearby soulstone. Teleport portals will bring you back to the last region. Alternatively you can play in a free mode without story.

After some start problems and a few patches most bugs got fixed. At its time (2008)it was one of the outstanding rpg's with beautiful created world, entertaining battle system and diversion of landscapes. The game keeps you busy with its sheer number of quests on a massive map. As long as you play together you might not be bothered that much by distances you got to run, but it can be annoying from time to time. An overhead map can be brought up at any time to browse quest markers or teleport to activated warp gates.

Many creatures in this game have a distinctive touch and the fantasy world is very nice designed and the sounds add even more personality. Some of the soundtracks are from the Blind Guardians, a german metal band. People with RPG experience will find the differences in the gameplay maybe hard because Sacred2 is just not like any other game of this genre. Some things work different, which doesn't mean that they work truly harder, you just need to get used to them. One of the down sides is that the game doesn't offer you a save on demand. You need to leave the game to the main menu to save which can lose you some progress in the game world. Other than that the game is still nowadays pretty impressive and exciting. Seems that the consol version got huge interface problems compaired to the PC game.

We recommend: If you like rpg action games on PC, buy Sacred2: Fallen Angel, it is a beautiful game!