Saints Row The Third

Genre: OpenWorld / Action / Third-Person Shooter
Developer: Volition
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

Some people compare this game to GTA and state it would be a clone. I don’t think so. It has a town and criminal jobs to do and you can drive some vehicles but that is pretty much all those two games got in common. Saints Row doesn’t take itself serious, indeed it doesn’t really take anything serious, it’s mad and a glorious slapstick. In the town are 3 rival gangs established, the Saints are going to conquer the 4th place to take over the city and by this they are most of the time in conflict with the other syndicates. The missions are all different and the town with its open world offers lots of optional activities. Additionally to the main game you can go to Whored mode which offers you various waves of enemies that will ask for different weapons that you’ll get.

Everything is very affordable, most expensive might be getting character and weapon upgrades, but if you want to buy some clothes or do a surgery on your look you won’t need to pay a fortune. By all activities you can earn either money or respect. Money can be used to buy weapons, upgrades, territory and threads. Respect unlocks new abilities. By completing story missions you can get access to vehicles. While you are driving those you can choose a radio station and listen to some music. By leveling up your character you will be able to increase health, fall damage reduction, running speed and combat abilities.

The game is colorful and the graphic style is a comic style. The conversation is most of the time cool, silly and funny and you can destroy the surrounding quite a bit except to the buildings. The pop ups during missions are a bit annoying, especially while driving and unfortunately coop does only work with 2 people. Parts of the neighbourhood is full of whorehouses, porn shops and strip bars. Men can dress up as women and women of course as men. Some of it might be rather weird, cheesy and cheap. The motto is here sex sells, no matter how disgusting. Thanks to the American version you will have pixels covering up what shouldn’t be shown. The sounds are well done but the radio channels could be better. Other than at GTA the town does not really feel that much real and alive. Killing stuff doesn’t need much tactical talent. It’s all about the spectacular chaos you’ll cause and the fun you’ll have.

A real minus is that the German version was changed and if people want to play with their foreign friends the game will not allow it, if you did not buy the same version. On the plus side is the insane, absurd and ironic satire to be mentioned, the action packed story that gives you all the time new exciting toys and the excellent mission design. From the start you have access to an assortment of vehicles to steal, to buy houses, to visiting shops and to eliminate targets for clients, as well as a huge list of challenges you can go for to complete or ignore.

The performance is not always perfect in this game, things might suddenly pop up in front of you, the camera sensitivity can make you dizzy at driving, the city isn’t very detailed and driving is sometimes a bit clumsy. The game is meanwhile a bit older, but still remarkable nice designed. Cruise through the city, enjoy the story, pick up drug packages, rescue some whores and increase your hourly income by buying properties. We would recommend to buy it on sale for a few Euros, because it is not really up to date any more and the game mechanics aren’t as good as in GTA.

We recommend: Buy it on sale!