Shadow Warrior 2

Genre: Looter-Shooter / Bloody Fighting / Asian Fantasy Ego Shooter
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Coop

This first person Shooter series started back in the 90th with Shadow Warrior Classic. Shadow Warrior 2 is a mixture between fantasy story and realistic Asian surrounding. The mercenary Lo Wang works for the Yakuza Clan and fights against the evil, pictured by demons and humans. The action packed game doesn't take itself very serious and is loaded with humorous and ironic comments and conversations. The arsenal of weapons consists all kinds of melee weapons as well as countless firearms and you can upgrade them with gems that drop from the enemies. There are also secrets you can find by picking up little hidden statues.

You can play this game with a team of up to 4 people in Coop or alone in Singleplayer. Whether to do just the main story line or also all side quests is up to you. A procedural generated environment provides a changing surrounding and landscape so that it stays interesting to explore it while doing your quests. The overpowered weapons and the artistic fighting style allows you to hack and slash your way through the enemies like a butcher, which is a bloody and brutal carnage and not for the faint-hearted.

There is no fall damage in this game and jumping and running is easy and fast. Combined with the effortless fighting and a always available healing system of Chi powers and healing shrines, as well as ammo shrines you'll be able to slaughter bosses as well as weaker monsters that aren't less challenging by the number they will show up. While you go out to do your quests a minimap that shows enemies and shrines, targets and objectives will help you. You can teleport back to town at any point of time while you play a mission. This can be helpful to go to a trader or get new quests.

The game is a steal on sale, it is on steam only about 7 € and there are DLC's available too. It is a typical men's combat game, crammed with dirty jokes and energetic blood-soaked spectacular battles. It stays chaotic and exciting to the end and is a fun game to everyone that likes the brutal style. The original was for sure by the story better, but as usual the successor can't beat the predecessor, which doesn't mean that this game can't be fun too and a lot of the gameplay was increased. There are plenty of skills you can choose from to improve your character, but they don't feel very impactful, on the other hand you can skill yourself till you are level 276. The graphic is pretty good, the soundtrack amazing. It seems to be not so recommendable to use the synchronized version of the game, as far as I read at least the German one got to be pretty annoying. We played the game about 30 hours and it was a lot of fun. The upgrades for your weapons can be combined and use up money to do so. With orbs you can reinforce weapons, remove negative effects on upgrades and bind your upgrade to the weapon. Such mechanics keep you motivated to go on playing and improve your fighting.

We can absolutely recommend the game if you like action packed massacres.