Genre: Survival / Strategy / Post-apocalyptic
Developer: Unicube
Gamemode: Singleplayer

Sheltered is a survival game that will ask you to decide wisely how to manage your recources and get any. First of all you’ll need to choose stats for your characters and it would be best if you choose one with high intelligence and the trait resourceful because that person will later on be able to craft and remove items for you in a way that you’ll get the materials back. The game offers you a tutorial but it is still not so easy to survive the first few weeks. Make sure that you collect at once enough water because you’ll need it for your expeditions as well as for the people inside your bunker and for trading. Keep in mind that toilet and shower use it up too and also trade and search for fuel for the generator. You will need as soon as possible a trap to get leather for crafting backpacks.

To level strength you can craft a punching bag, to level intelligence and charisma using a book collection and toy box can help. There is medicine to cure your people, if you are lucky you’ll find some, explore the surrounding to also find parts for the camper bus outside because you can use it as soon as you got all it needs to drive. It is even possible to leave your region later on by a quest and go to a different map, expand your family by finding lost members. Each time you change map a few items will be already built or more upgraded in the new bunker.

On the map you’ll find different locations that you can choose to visit and explore. They will offer loot and if you are very lucky you’ll even find some blueprints that allow you to build improved things for your shelter. You’ll have to keep your base proper and let your people rest and recover from working and travelling, cure illnesses before you send them out again. Repair your environment and upgrade it. Build weapons and traps against invaders, choose a pet to help you, recruit new members for your team, broadcast for traders.

The point and click game has a simple graphic and a wide variety of tasks you need to work on to improve your living. Make sure you build enough storage for the items you’ll find outside and to turn off the lights if you don’t need them. The game is pretty realistic with such things. So you better take care of everything in time. Some rare items like rubber should be bought early enough before you run out of it. After short time you’ll find out what is most important and which items are more useless for you. But if you collected the wrong stuff you can still trade them.

We recommend: If you don’t mind the simple graphics you should buy this game, it is totally addictive and fun.