Genre: Simulation / Building / Gambeling
Developer: LVGameDev LLC
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This game has just been released to early access and is about building a casino with hotel and theater if you want to use all income possibilities. The developers also made the game Sim Airport and have the intention to improve now SimCasino with the ideas of the community. They state on their shop page that the game still needs a better balancing and performance and that bugs can still occur. Fair enough. The price of the game though was pretty expensive for such an early access. After 20 hours of playing I totally lost the motivation because it still lacks content, although there are even a bingo halls, a restaurant and a sports bet area.

SimCasino got a nice selection of floors, wallpapers, bricks and panels. You can already have a lot of fun making your casino pretty and entertaining. When you start playing you can choose different settings, that allow you to make debt, get your own chosen lot for your casino, do your research faster and hire people instantly. In the beginning it can be smart to earn some money with the slot machines, because too much staff is expensive and might ruin you. I recommend not to put any table games down as long as you did not research high limit gambling zones and bigger advantage, which allow you to customize your tables income. Also you need to build some cashier cages for the chips people will need.

The game has a lot of customization and menus to play around with and you will need to schedule for example the performances at your theater, manage your staff, order advertisement, set your slot machines to the amount a player can bet and keep an eye on your business money wise. Some people consider the game still as a technical catastrophe, I would not go that far. I did have to struggle in the beginning till I found a strategy that worked for me, but then the game got very fast boring after you did build everything.

There is no tutorial yet and that might cause the few bad reviews on steam. People might get a bit confused about the mechanics. For example you'll get fast broke if you don't figure out that you can set a jackpot frequency and how much percentage the house gets. Also there are still some pathing issues and it is better to not build too small and tight together to allow the NPC's to pass through easier. I had some problems with the room mechanics at the hotel till I found out that you may not build any terrace or balcony that connects the rooms. The zones will then show in red that the rooms aren't proper build. The zones can be blend out by pressing z and if you want to take a look at the map you can do that at the menu, where you can also sell your casino.

The graphic is nice, but the game still needs a lot more items. I would classify it till now an average early access. One of the things I really disliked were the hovering fences at houses on the map in the surrounding of my casino. The building system is quite easy and you can spend very fast a lot of money on building. The music is made by some professionals and fits perfect into a casino. There should be a color option at some items, like the neon signs, that don't have it, but I hope they are going to fix that. The developers are very responsive and they also try to fix bugs fast.

We recommend: If you like building simulation games, you can buy it, preferably on sale or wait till they finished it!