Genre: Survival / Zombies / Turn-based
Developer: Mandragora
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You can get this game often on sale because it is from 2015. The sale price is only about 1,50€, which is really a steal. The short little game has three difficulty settings, a tutorial and even a free demo on steam. The successor of it is called Skyhill: Black Mist and also fun to play. You start out in your penthouse on the 100th floor. A third world war has killed most humans and you need to get to the bottom of this building to escape zombies and other mutant monsters.

While you are fighting your way downwards you need to enter rooms on your way to get keys, any tools to fight and food you'll need to restore health and raw materials to craft weapons and to execute repairs in order to get access to the elevator when the stairs are blocked. One run can go bad and the next one can be suddenly easier, which can make it pure luck if you succeed. The surrounding changes randomly with every restart. You'll have to pay one food for every room you'll enter, but the choice is yours, because you can of course also try to not open some of them and still get further down in the skyscraper.

You'll earn perks on your way that may help you on your next run too. You will also learn some cooking recipes to prepare your food, which will give you more benefit to explore longer and satisfies you hunger far more. This is important, because you'll loose health when your food level drops under zero. Improve your sofa to get a better sleep and fortify your door against nightly visitors. Upgrade your workbench to get better weapons that make fighting easier. Improve your kitchen for better meals.

Don't expect to finish the game on your first, second or third run. It can be quite difficult to get to the first floor. You can use sleep to trade food for HP. There is no save in this game, which will keep you from going back to any earlier point and forces you to do everything the best way you can.

The graphic is a 2D pixel comic graphic. The music is spooky atmospheric. The story is sparse and told by a few cut-scenes, audio logs, journals and events. The game concept is simple, but good executed. Don't expect much horror and tension, it is rather a casual challenge although it can be really tough.

We recommend: If you like this kind of turn-based games, you can buy it on sale!