Space Engineers

Genre: Space / Building / Sandbox
Developer: Keen Software House
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

You can play Space Engineers in the space by building a spaceship or a space station or on a planet. There are 3 types of vehicles you can build to go exploring those planets and it is not easy to land your little shuttle on the surface. You will not run out of building space because it takes about an hour to drive across the planet. To travel between planets is of course also possible. It's a game for creative people that like building complex things and you can build anything you can imagine. Gathering materials on asteroids is possible by building a variety of tools and ships for mining. No single asteroid will have everything you need, so you need to go scouting.

Producing power and oxygen will be your first concern in space. In Survival mode meteor showers also strike your base routinely and create an urgent need for you to build and maintain defences such as automated turrets and shields. If you develop anything in this game you can fail engineering like in real life. You need to go mining for the materials and melt the metal for every block. The inventory has not much room and you need to produce the cubes and then weld them together. Means a lot of work and steps to get in the end anything build in the survival mode. If you choose the creative mode you will not need to collect resources or craft the single components. In this mode you can also pull unlimited elements out of your inventory and do not need to weld them.

In multi-player you will experience some performance problems sometimes, but they are not really very bad, rather temporarily in the beginning and on servers with lots of buildings it will be more dramatic. A bigger problem might be that you can get stuck in any building part and get by this catapulted anywhere far away while working on any building. Such things can kill you. You will need a lot of patience to learn how building works in this game, but the complexity will reward you with outstanding results of constructions. Be prepared for unexpected results and incidents and lots of hours of tinkering. This game brings up the child in every man, you will feel like back in the days when you were tinkering around with your train miniatures and tried out how high the racing track may be for a matchbox car. We don't recommend to play this game on an old computer because your frame-rate might break down if you watch for example any collusion.

You can use a dedicated server to play this game. There are regularly updates with new content and bug fixes. If you’re a programmer who is proficient in C#, Space Engineers actually gives you the ability to use that ingame by scripts for the things you create. There’s a component named the “programmable block” and through this, you can write your own scripts to run different functions. Space Engineers is a great game showing a great level of potential to get one of the best sandbox building games. A maximum of 16 players can play on one server. You can find spiders on alien planets and pirats bases with enemy drones in space or on planets.

We recommend: If you are not up for thinking about how things could work and prefere to play games that are only relaxing this might be the wrong game for you. Otherwise we recommend to buy it!