Genre: Survival / Crafting / Sandbox
Developer: Chucklefish
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

2013 the 2D side-scrolling game was published in early access. While it got developed a lot of changes were made, things got added and removed and that caused a lot of disappointment it seems. The game is similar to Terraria, just that it offers not only one world but a galaxy and quests. Instead of adding several biomes to one world you can fly to other planets to find different biomes.

The mission maps have blocks that can not be farmed or destroyed. There the game gets a platformer to fight enemies and find items or solve puzzles. The races in the game got different furniture and cultures. Unlike Terraria there is no need to build villages or houses to attract Npc's or use those. The crafting possibilities are still impressive. Even your spaceship can be expanded by upgrades you can buy.

Starbound is more futuristic than minecraft or terraria. You will find random dungeons on some planets, underwater bases and hidden chests. You can build a home and farm the land. There are unfortunately countless things that are just not useful or a pain. Just to name one example the crops you harvest will mostly not stack, worse is even the food you'll prepare with it, none of it will stack. Food spoils but it got no use after spoiling.

Some content like Npc spawners and jet packs have been removed and made the game less enjoyable. Lots of motivation to go on exploring is driven by the fun collecting items. If you play multiplay your group needs to share, otherwise the one running in front will pick up all items before anyone else reaches there. Your crew members can join you too, but will often get stuck on the way and killed by that. No purpose to building own villages that can not be populated. Some of the planets are just too repetitive and boring after short while, what for then a huge universe of them?

The story: You've fled your home because it got attacked. Earth has been blown up, there’s an ancient evil coming, get a bunch of artefacts, they can be brought back and put together to stop it. Samplings from trees that you can collect don't have names or discribtions and you will end up not knowing what you'll plant. Some of the ambitious ideas about Starbound just failed, but the game has still a lot of charm and is absolutely worth to be explored. Undoubtedly it is better to play it together with some friends. Also some mods like the FrackinUniverse are worth a look. The performance of this game is meanwhile good and the music is nice. You just need to like pixel graphic to play this.

We recommend: If you like pixel games, buy it!