Stardew Valley

Genre: RPG / Simulation / Pixelart
Developer: ConcernedApe
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This retro graphic farming simulation reminds of Harvest Moon. Your grandpa died and passes his farm on to you. The gorgeous details give Stardew Valley its appeal. You arrive on grandpas farm with overgrown land and need to breathe new life into it. While you work on the underused plot you get to know the villagers and their preferences, earn your first money and get seeds for the agricultural job. There is also a mine nearby if you get bored by the work on the fields, when the winter comes and if you would like to meet some monsters go explore it. Gathering stone and gems will give you extra money and some rare finds that the local museum will reward you for.

When you managed to remove the bad weeds, rocks and trees and plow the ground you can grow crops, harvest them and craft artisan goods with them. At the local blacksmith you can improve your tools as soon as you got some metal and money. The local carpenter will build a stable, well and silo for you if you intend to buy some animals and expand the farm.

The sandbox allows you to go on endlessly. There are plenty of quests and goals to reach. Secret hidden treasures and areas await you. Your little farmer can build friendships, marry and have children. The story offers two ways to choose from. Lots of festivals will give you extra items and challenges. Shops will have different furniture, wallpapers and seeds to decorate and plant a seasonal variety. There is no tutorial, but it is also not needed and we need to realize ourselves that the craws will eat up our yield if we don’t drop a scarecrow. The villagers send a lot of nice advice and some items by mail and the TV channel will help with farmer hints, cooking recipes, fortune-teller and weather forecast.

We can choose skills by reaching a higher level of experience and get special abilities. Fishing and collecting wild plants is also part of our income and useful for cooking. The food will improve our energy while farming and mining or fishing and gives us sometimes extra buffs. The endless list of tasks keeps us busy and the days seem to be always too short. There is also the possibility to skip a day by going into our bed and sleeping. The game saves the progress each time you go sleeping. By this it is easy to interrupt playing and go on later. Forget the daily bustle and enjoy the country air.

We recommend: If you don’t mind retro graphics, you’ll love this game and need to have it!