Genre: Farming / Simulation / Sandbox
Developer: Plukit
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplayer / Coop

This cute little farm game is like a mixture of Minecraft, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley. The world is smaller and like an island in the ocean. You start out with a little tutorial story that gives you the most important information how things work. Same time you'll get a few tools for free and get to know some villagers.

The graphics are voxel based and colorful and the story is easy understandable. The game has a huge variety of items and if you manage to buy a catalogue and the delivery shipping crate, you can buy everything and will get it delivered overnight. At the little village are also market stands and shops to buy changing items or sell your products from the farm. In the beginning some might seem a bit too expensive but you can fast earn money by collecting bugs, seashells or building materials like wood or stone. There is also a hidden abandoned mine.

If you cook the food and sell it afterwards it will give you more money, same for wood, if you saw it you will earn more money by it. Discover the world and build some houses to attract more villagers. It will coast a lot of money to furnish the houses and your only reward will be a new villager. The mayor will give you tasks and the other villagers will sometimes have some quests too. If you want to get to know who is in trouble talk to the guy in the pub. Each season got its events and you can win special items and recipes at those. Also you might find some rare butterflies or fishes at different seasons. Probably also at different weather, I could not figure that out yet.

The community develops a lot of little mods for this game. Similar to Minecraft you will enjoy the creativity of the community. If you join a multiplay with a friend you'll have the problem that only one of you will be able to take the quests, do the tutorial and get the free tools. Unfortunately the game doesn't let several people use the tutorial and story. There is no quest log, so you need to keep in mind what someone told you, but the characters usually also repeat it if you talk to them again. From time to time you may encounter some texture issues of the ground textures, they might just disappear, but restarting the game always solved that for me.

The possibilities to create buildings is a huge part of the game, but it doesn't offer a complex system as Minecraft does. You can use a map to zoom out to a top view of the small world. If you have special wishes, like building a pool with ocean water you can go to creative mode and use still the same map and game you started. You can easily switch from the main menu to creative mode and back if you click on the cogwheel next to your game name. In creative mode every item is unlimited for free. If you prefer to build free and comfortable at normal mode you can use also a money cheat. Only the event items aren't available, you can only win them. The possibilities what you can do are limited, there are no enemies on the map and it is mainly a farming simulations with a lot of building possibilities. Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon do offer much more quests. Unfortunately the game has no sprinklers for your fields, but the community created a mod for this. One unique feature in the game is that your pet can gift you golden seeds if you pet it often and feed it each day. You can later on also produce those by a seed machine.

We recommend: If you like farm games, buy it!