Genre: Simulation / Building / Sandbox
Developer: Radiant Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer

The town builder game has a Minecraft graphic and the developer want to add later at the game a multiplay, seasons and more biomes. Your job is to help your little group of survivors to build their own protected village and grow it to a town. While you are trying to set your houses up you'll get attacked by enemies if you choose the normal game mode, but you can also choose peaceful or hard.

Build some structures as shelter, promote one of your settles to be a farmer and attract new villagers by more food and success. The system in the game is quite easy you just need to know how things work. Some people get fast frustrated because not everything is good enough explained yet. You may not forget that this game is still early access.

I read complains about a slow development and some game breaking bugs that they need to fix and indeed the building system has some really big problems in free building mode. You need to take your time and find out how it will work at all, because some of the blocks, walls and doors just won't work together as they should. The release of the Alpha was at 2015 and it seems those developers don't get it done or really take their time too much. For that reason people got disappointed.

In the beginning you can choose a map. The little villagers are adorable and the attacks by intruders can be avoided by placing your starter camp on an island or building protection walls. You need to watch your people though, because they can get stuck anywhere or trapped in a hole at mining and strave to death or die after a fight if they don't get help.

The graphic is cute, the performance is ok, we can not hide that it starts lagging with more than 20 settlers ( you can change the number at your settings/options), the music is lovely, unfortunately the gameplay has its bugs at the building system. Resources can be easily collected and you can build everything by using blocks. The game reminds of the game Settlers although the economic circle doesn't force you to build certain things to have a production chain in the end. You choose a handful characters in the beginning and they level up by working at their profession.

We recommend: If you like building games, buy it!