Strange Brigade

Genre: Action / Mummies / Shooter
Developer: Rebellion
Gamemode: Singleplayer / Multiplay / Coop

This story driven Shooter takes place in Egypt in the last century when scientists digged up mummies and opened graves in pyramids. Our four heroes have to face hordes of mummies and explore some old ruins, solve riddles to get doors to open up and fight bosses while they try to stop a powerful monster that raised from her grave in the campaign.

The story sends you on an adventure with 9 missions that will take between an hour and an hour and half each. On the way you can unlock relics, collectibles, achievements, find some extra treasure rooms and booby traps. But none of it is needed to progress in the game. You can upgrade your weapons or buy a new one if you collect enough gold coins and find upgrades. The game is well optimized and has nice animations, a retro touch and the Indiana Jones feeling.

The levels do have a well balanced difficulty and vary enough to get you curious what comes around the next corner. People do mainly complain about the high price. Also you'll need to be careful at solving puzzles, because you can not repeat most of them. The game could be described as a mixture between the Left for Dead series and Tomb Raider. Compared to other shooters you'll not have any modern tactics and equipment, but instead plenty of traps and terrain diversity to use for your fights. Also this game has no buffs or cosmetics you could spend money on after having purchased the weapons you'd like.

The games shooting actions are partly a bit boring after a while, because you get dropped into arena situations and got to shoot enemies till no new ones spawn anymore. This gameplay scenery gets repeated and old after a while. Also the season pass is criticized, because it seems too add not really enough game content to be worth it. Still this game isn't really mainstream and by this worth to play. You can expect between 15 and 30 hours of fun and might want to get it on sale because it is otherwise overpriced. If you play public you are going to compete for loot.

The graphic is beautiful and the music and story fits perfect. You will find everywhere bags of ammunition and the more of them are around the more obviously you'll get a lot of enemies incoming next. You can choose between 4 avatars, but there is no large skill system, character progression or leveling up. The game has no RPG elements although there are little intro videos to every mission. Unfortunately the game doesn't save your progress if it crashes in any mission or you need to stop without finishing one of them. There are too few players in public lobbies to join you, but if you got friends to play with we recommend to play this game with friends although its fun in singleplayer too. There are different difficulties and there is also an endless mode that adds replayability to the game.

We recommend: If you like shooters with an unique story, buy it on sale!