Genre: Adventure / Survival / Open World / Underwater
Developer: Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You start by leaving your burning spaceship that crashed into an ocean in the survival mode. You got also a freedom mode at which no hunger or thirst will bother you, a hardcore mode in which you got only one life and a creative mode with no possibility to die and no need to collect materials. First thing to craft will be a knife. The escape life pod with a fabricator will help you staying alive, the big ship will have a nuclear explosion that will contaminate the surrounding by radioactivity. You got a female computer voice that will accompany you and announce the oxygen, food level and dehydration.

On the ocean floor you can discover boxes that got blueprints for crafting but you need to build at first a scanner to pick them up. You will also need to build a flash light to dive down deeper or in the night. You can catch fishes with your bare hands that will provide you with food and water. You can also find wrack pieces to collect titanium and various pieces for decoration. Later on you will be able to build oxygen bottles, flippers and a little submarine to dive deeper. You will have to collect plants, salt, fish eggs, diverse metals by hitting different pieces of rocks and corals. There is a lot to discover under water and you should be careful not to run into creatures that will attack you. There are lots of different creatures. You can also build a fish tank and flowerpots or crop plots to grow your own food.

Once you got all the materials you need you can start building an underwater base. A really beautiful underwater world with lots of different biomes and unknown life forms awaits you. This world gets not randomly generated but stays always the same. Seems that some resources don't respawn but the developers from Unknown Worlds Entertainment did add now chargers so that you are not depending that much on the resources any more and you can salvage things to regain materials. Grinding materials for building more interesting items can be a bit exhausting because some resources will be farther away. Another bad thing is that you might end up to not be able to destroy a room if you did not destroy things in the right order, but that can change because the game is still under development. Technically there isn't really anything bigger to complain about and the sound effects and graphics are also very nice.

This underwater exploration and crafting game is different to other survival games although you also need to watch your needs and condition, because it is far more focused on your technical evolution and the construction of equipment and a base and its energy supply. You will not end up having any simple tools, Subnautica will give you the additional possibility to upgrade a lot of items, so that you stay busy for a longer time. A multiplay or coop mode would be really awesome for this open world game, but it is uncertain if they will ever add one. The game gets regularly updated and develops nicely, but there is not a lot new stuff that gets added any more, its rather optimization and sometimes a new item or room that gets added. Meanwhile they did also add a nice DLC for the game.

Our recommendation: If you love playing underwater and building games, buy it! It's marvelous.