Genre: Survival / Sandbox / Open World
Developer: ColdGames
Gamemode: Singleplayer

You will find yourself on a map with wolfs and bears near you. Watch your surroundings, listen to the noises that the animals do make and find a spot to build your base. On your way you can collect loot from crates and get some wood for a fireplace to not die of the cold at night. Because you won‘t have any map or compass you should build at any place that you can even recognize from a distance.

Defend yourself later on from wildlife and AI hunters by crafting and upgrading weapons and ammo. Collect resources and build devices and helpful items for your home for farming and crafting and cooking. In the beginning you only got a pistol and should rather avoid animals than try to shoot them. You will still need protein and the only ways to get that is to either catch rabbits or chicken or to farm protein bars from the crates, which can be frustrating because it takes so much running to get them that your protein bar goes down by this too.

The early access game will have a multiplay later on, it is already in work. The graphics of this game are average, not outstanding but nice enough. The game also saves pretty often and you can additionally save by pressing F8. The building system works very well and it means to collect a lot and create your base step by step till you finally got a fridge and an upgraded animal house and an upgraded shotgun or rifle, but once you got all that you start getting out of trouble. Building parts can be either placed by letting them snap to already placed ones or by just moving them as you wish in different angles, which opens up a huge variety of possibilities.

Lots of things aren‘t good balanced yet and you need to live with this if you buy this early access game. If you are not willing to not use the animal house till it is upgraded your chickens or rabbits will just eat too much food that you‘d rather need yourself. You may also not run too many devices same time if you don‘t provide power by an extra generator all the time, which uses up biofuil. The hunters will build their houses around your own house, they keep a certain distance but are close enough to block your way. By this they either force the confrontation or that you just use tricks to not have them this close. Depending on your own smart moves you will be able to handle this. They will not raid your base but you could raid theirs.

For building the more advanced stuff you will need to place a base command unit that will let the hunters show up on your map. It can be smart to collect and build before as much as you can. This game isn‘t one of those: I just hit you on your nose and if I am stronger I will win. You need a bit more tactics and strategy to handle wildlife and enemies. You also better don‘t count on trees that would fall over, this game is just not like other games.

We can only recommend to buy it if you can wait for its multiplay and accept that it is not finished yet.