Genre: Survival / Simulation / Open World
Developer: Super Trampers Studio
Gamemode: Singleplayer

This castaway simulator has an island world like a huge archipelago made with Unity engine and got procedural generated islands that are mostly connected to each others or easy to reach by swimming. Four people from China are working on this game and they might need to add more people to their team if they really want to finish this ambitious project. They plan to create an unlimited ocean and random islands with more biomes and resources. Also they aim to do an agriculture system, extreme weathers, a taming and pet system, an island tribe system and trading. But for sure most important they intend to have a coop, which will have a very big influence on how many people will buy this game.

You spawn at a beach, need to explore the islands and find food, craft tools, build shelter. Basically what all survival games are about, but this one reminds on The Long Dark by its very detailed status effect system for your body, that includes impacts like debuffs by hot and cold weather, wetness from swimming or rain, wind, dehydration, hunger and colories that have an influence on your well-being. It is helpful and nice that normal walking or swimming won't use up your stamina, while running and crafting does. You can swim and dive and the day and night cycle is already in.

When you start the game you got a little tutorial that shows some game mechanics and explains the key bindings. Especially for the crafting system this is needed and they will have to simplify the crafting mechanics a bit, because it is quite hard in the beginning to find out how it works. People could get fast frustrated by it. When you aim on any item it shows an info box with some symbol showing what you can do with the item. With T you can switch between craft and interact mode. Tab opens your inventory and if you hold Q when you hold anything in your hand you'll enter the crafting menu. Bananas need to be hit with a stone to be split up, if you hit too often they disappear because you destroyed them. Everything is quite realistic in this game.

There are seashells, banana trees, coconut palms, mangrove trees to collect resources from. Till now there are no fishes and enemies in the game, but we look forwards to see them coming to life. Palms can give you fiber and mangrove trees can give ropes. You can chop down trees with a stone in your hand till you crafted any tools. A flat huge rock will serve as a crafting bench. The unique and very detailed building system of this game lets you build pretty much everything you could imagine. Also useful that you can craft later some inventory expansions by creating bags and belts.

The graphic is beautiful and quite amazing for an early access game and there are also some ambient sounds in the game. The clouds would need a workover and be painted nicer, the plants shake too rough in the wind, such details need to move smoother to get closer to a realistic looking world. Also you'll sometimes notice a few clipping problems on the horizon that show up at places where the islands don't rezz yet in the distance, but to be honest it did not bother me because I am aware that it is early access. I can not help, but I do love the game already, because it aims into a direction that is just so promising, that I can not wait to see its development. I don't want to compare it to such a successful game like ARK because I know it is a very small team that works on it, but I still got a feeling it could get amazing and go into that direction, just with a different theme, a castaway story. It also got a creation mode that unfortunately doesn't work as editor, but got an item spawn menu and offers a god and fly mode. We had only a very few performance issues, but want to mention that there can be a few and you probably need a good graphics card. You need to realize that it is an unfinished game if you buy it, but it is so cheap that you can risk spending it. Also you support the developers by this.

We recommend: If you like castaway games and got patience to fiddle around with the crafting system and can wait for a coop, you can buy it, it has a super low price!