Surviving Mars

Genre: Strategy / Survival / Colony Builder
Developer: Haemimont Games
Gamemode: Singleplayer

For everyone, who loves complex strategy games and enjoys technical aspects and engineering this is the perfect game. But you need to not mind watching resource transports, drones building logistics and rovers analysing anomalies. Resources show an icon on the ground and can be found by special towers that will check the areas you select. You can scroll in and zoom out pretty far to have a better overview or watch a detailed close-up. The game has a very extensive tutorial, because it is very complicated.

Fuel your rocket and send it back to earth to get more materials from there. At the beginning you are managing a construction site and need to build up supplies for just everything. You'll need to set up transportation of resources, scan new areas, explore the environment and research new technologies till you can watch your colony grow. Anomalies provide bonuses for the research and either unlock new technologies or give you research points, which unlocks new options for your colony, such as building domes and upgrades. Send a rover out to research them.

Handle power, life support and building maintenance. When buildings used up their deposits you can salvage some construction materials from them. Some buildings will need to be connected by pipes and cables. Set priorities at your buildings to make sure they get power, maintenance and workers first. For the reason that you don't have endless power you'll need to turn off your buildings usage during the night shifts, so that they only require power during their active shifts. No idea why drones and machines would need to sleep?

Repair buildings after storms or when they just break down after a while. Expand your base till you can place your first dome for colonists. It feels as if it takes forever till you can build your colony. For some people it will seem boring and frustrating, because it is quite realistic. When you got the dome you need to provide oxygen and then you can finally pick 12 colonists with perks and flaws, for example specialists like geologists, scientists or doctors. Then you'll need to provide food and services to keep your people happy and want them to stay. Customize work assignments at your buildings and build a research center which will speed up your research a bit.

Somehow I could not get warm with this game, it felt somehow soulless and had overwhelming details. It has nice graphics and some pleasant music. The gameplay can be a bit difficult when pipes or cables do not want to snap to buildings. Also there isn't really much to explore. My résumé: Mars is boring, well what did I expect, it is a desert planet. I love the game but man was it boring, maybe just not my cup of tea.

We recommend: If you are into detailed scientific stuff this game is for you, then buy it!